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Micronation Primary Macronation Stance Foundation Capital Population Website (If available) Leader(s)
Wenonah United States Secessionist 29 August 2018 Chameau 26 n/a Jay Ruz
West Who United States Unknown 1969 Whoville 39 http://www.westwho.com/ John Farr
Westarctica United States Secessionist 2 Nov 2001 n/a 391 http://www.westarctica.info/ Travis McHenry
Wilcsland UK Secessionist 1 May 2002 Wilton Unknown n/a Ptolemy Mac Donnchadha-Houghton
Wildflower Meadows UK Secessionist 12 May 2016 TBD 2 n/a Hannah
Wildwood Flag.png Wildwood United States 3 March 2019 New Vienna 3 Alexander I
Woodland Patchwork Japan Secessionist 23 Oct 2013 Yakozue 37 https://www.againwilder.com/blog Again Wilder
Wyvern Netherlands Secessionist 27 Oct 2009 Wyvern-Stad 27 n/a Quentin/Bradley of Dullahan