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Micronation Primary Macronation Stance Foundation Capital Population Website (If available) Leader(s)
Newnatlinflag.png Natlin United States 24 November 2016 Wasusu 28 N/A Jacob Deceuninck
Nemkhavia Ireland 30 July 2009 Astor Impora Unknown Marka Mejakhansk
New Eiffel United Kingdom 31 December 2018 Új Repülő 13 N/A Zed I
Npl flag.jpg New Potato Land United States Secessionist 10 Jul 2017 Draig Tatws, New Potato Land 10 http://www.net-npl.net/ Josiah Welch
New Rizalia United States 2 December 2017 Highland Province 62 https://newrizalia-gov.weebly.com/ Seann Torres
New Westphalia UK 1 August 2013 Kandieden 1 Daniel Morris
Nolland UK Simulationist 2 Jul 2012 Hastings ~50 N/A Thomas Cassidy
North American Confederation (Delvera) United States Secessionist 28 Nov 2010 Indianapolis 13 http://nac-gov.weebly.com/ William Peters
FlagUNO.png Nova-Occitania France 26 June 2019 Babougrad 24 https://novaoccitania.weebly.com/ Babou Chkaya