Micronations World Cup

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Micronations World Cup
RegionFIIFA Members
Number of teams23 Members & 1 Invited
Current championsReinoIberio.png Reino Iberio Unido (1st title)
Most successful team(s)Flag of the Democratic Republic of Belia.png Belia (2th titles)
Television broadcastersList of broadcasters

Officially Micronations World Cup and Well Know as MicroWorld Cup is the most important competition around the world to Micronations organized and ruled by the FIIFA, The First Micronations was organized the Micronations World Cup is The United Socialist States in 2016 the competiotion had 16 participants from 2 Confederations members.

During the Anual FIIFA Congrece The Federation take the rule of that in the edition of 2020 and onwards that the FIIFA World Cup have 24 participants, this due to the great Football growth between micronations.


The oldest MIFA and now FIIFA Organized in 2016 its first Tournament called Micronations World Cup and commercially called MicroWorld Cup and it was disputed in The United Socialist States, in 2017 in El Dorado, in 2019 in Sangkheili-Schykille in an Interactive mode .


Competition Tournament Champion
IntermicroSports.jpg Micronations World Cup IntermicroSports.jpg Germax 2020 IntermicroSports.jpg June 11 at July 12, 2020.
IntermicroSports.jpg Micronations World Cup Sangkheilli-Schikylle2019.jpg Sangkheili-Schykille 2019 ReinoIberio.png Reino Iberio Unido