Micronations 2015

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Micronations 2015 is an event to bring all micronation together for an evening of fun, discussions, treasties and cultural interchange. It would be nice if every nation present would bring their nations flag.

the 2015 even will be held at Amsterdam. At the moment is neither the date nor the place decided. This will become available when we get closer the year 2015. (we like to hear from you)

micronations present

micronations who like to be present please place you nation below (in alphabetic order) and how many will attend:

  • Grand Republic of Amoria (undecided) - 1 seat
  • Empire of Los Angeles (possibly) - 1 seat+
  • Cockatiel Empire (has not decided) - 1 seat+
  • Melbournia (possibly) - 1 seat+
  • Republic of South America - 3 seats
  • Templar Kingdom - 1 seat
  • Willyberg - 1 seat

+ seat must be confirmed before jan 2015


Because many officials of many different lands are going to attent, we ask all to obtain their badge before hand and display it during the event at all times. Persons not wearing their badge, will not be allowed entry.

Official Attire

since press photos might be taken we ask all HOS/HOC to dress in their official attire.


  1. EUM meeting (EUM members are asked to arrive earlier)
  2. Introduction time
  3. treaty period
  4. discussion time
  5. dinner
  6. cultural inter change period
  7. let us know what else should be discussed!


when would you like the even to take place:

Any who would like to design a logo for the event, please place your logo here: