Micronational history of California

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In 2007, the Draco Republic was formed by a group of school boys as a "youth militia and nation". After a series of small skirmishes inside the Draco Republic, which in 2010 join the rest of the micronational community in MicroWiki. During this time, the Draco Republic promptly harrased Danesland which resulted in a conflict with the Republic of Cliff Island, a now inactive micronation in East Carolina, ultimately ending in the signing of a treaty which was broken less than a week later by the Draco Republic, which dissolved in 2010 into the Runic Empire. After the controversy of the Draco Republic, the Runic Empire was pushed underground into the YouTube Sector, where it "wreaked havoc", yet again dissolving into the New Germanic States in early 2011. The New Germanic States did not last more than a week, and feel into inactivity for a year before the Nationia Conflict. During this, Vidhur decided to return to the micronational community with a "clean slate" per sae, under the pen name Octavian Cullens, forming a buddhist nation, before being shunned again from the community for being accused of vandalizing MicroWiki. After this, Vidhur returned again (as Vidhur), formally apologizing to the community and forming a celtic nation by the name of Keltia, with was reformed into the Workers' Democratic Republic under Freya in June 2012. The WDRuF was formed June 3rd, 2012. It was based on the extrasolar planet Gliese 1214b, a planet thought to be composed of mostly liquid water, Sawtooth Peak in California, and a small swamp in Tulare County. On July 9, 2012, Vidhur and Flatland leader Brayden Yates met and signed a treaty regarding an alliance between the nation. It was announced approximately a week later. An expedition to Sawtooth peak in California was planned for late July in 2012. The current Freyan flag was to be planted.


On Wednesday, July 17, 2012, the Dictator of Freya was involved in a conflict between three nations, beginning with the declaration of war constituted by the Kingdom of Fortania and aimed at the People's State of San Andreas and the The Technocracy of Larusia. It ended almost an hour later due to the actions done by Vidhur. It ended with the surrender of Fortania and Fleeman being awarded "Hero of the People's State" by the People's State of San Andreas.