Micronational Vexillological Association

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Micronational Vexillological Association
Type: Vexillological Association
Headquarters: Undefined
Official Languages: English, Spanish, and German
Membership: 4
Establishment: 2011
Website: NONE
Colours: Yellow
Charter: Charter of Prussia for MVA Creation
Founder: Jerolin Aldelric
Secretary General: Vacant

The Micronational Vexillological Association (MVA) was created in April, 2011 as one of the first micronational vexillological studies group. It was founded by Jerolin Aldelric based on the principles of a flag being, "simple and clean, yet having a certain symbolism and distinction among other flags. It must be easily recognizable from a distance and allocated to a certain country, place, or people."

Three Flag Groups

According to the NVA, there are three distinct groups of micronational flags: Original Flags, Historical Flags in Use, and "Bits and Pieces". Each gets their own different rankings.

  • Original Flags- flags with an original and new design that is distinct from existing flags.
  • Historical Flags- flags of past nations or areas put to new use.
  • Bits and Pieces- uses parts of existing flags or reversed versions of those existing.

Member States

Joining the MVA is easy. All you have to do is ask to join on our talkpage. Just provide a picture of your flag, a link to your MicroWiki page, and an explanation of the symbols and colors on your flag.

Flag Nation Category Joined
Prussian Flag.png New Prussian Empire Historical 5/5/2011 (Collapsed Later)
File:Stodænnanflag.png Soviet Republic of Stodænna Bits & Pieces 5/6/2011
FlagofZephyr.png Regency of Zephyr Original 5/6/2011
Istorian Flag.gif Kingdom of Istoria Original 5/6/2011
Flag of Northern Australia.png Commonwealth of Northern Australia Historical (Derivative Original) 5/11/2011
Boondockflag.jpg The Boondocks Bits & Pieces 6/2/2011
Flag of the ComradeMr Republic.png ComradeMr Republic Original 6/2/2011
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan Original 6/2/2011
Lbpflag.png Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros Original 6/2/2011
Senyaflag.png DES Senya Original 6/2/2011