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Introduction: Micronational Services is a business, founded by the Kings of the Empire of Barbettia. Micronational Services' purpose is to help micronations develop culture and standards. The purpose of Micronational Services is to serve micronations. Micronational Services can do things for nations that they might not know how to do. Each of these services come at a price, but the service will be of high quality. Customers pay Micronational Services online, through PayPal. The services offered are:

Flags - The Kings of Barbettia, who are the workers and owners of Micronational Services, will personally learn about your country's values, and then make a flag for your micronation. This costs 5 U.S. dollars.

Coat of Arms - The Kings of Barbettia will discuss your country's values, and make a Coat of Arms to represent your nation. This costs 12 U.S. dollars.

Constitution - The Kings of Barbettia will draft a Constitution, but you must first specify what freedoms you would like to allow, and what matters in your country's law. This will take online discussion, and the cost is 1 dollar per 25 words.

Website - The Kings of Barbettia will make a website for your nation. This will cost 15 U.S. dollars.

Location Assistance - The Kings of Barbettia will personally assist you in finding, or bettering/securing a territory for your nation. 2 U.S. Dollars is the cost.

National Anthem - The Kings of Barbettia will listen to you about what matters in your country, and then create music and, if requested, lyrics, for your National Anthem. Cost: 2 U.S. Dollars.

Micronational Services aims to improve other nations, and to help other nations in creating a proper and functioning culture. To contact Micronational Services, email micronational.services@gmail.com