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The Micronational Human Development Index (MHDI) is a Statsgenix survey conducted by Addison and Brycen Dillon of the Republic of Leafavenia, with the goal of creating a stable, working micronational development scale. The first survey was conducted on 24 September 2019, and twenty-one micronations were surveyed. The second survey was conducted by Ayane Martinez on 24 January 2022[a]


  • 900-1000: Very high
  • 800-899: High
  • 700-799: Medium
  • 600-699: Low
  • 0-599: Very low


The scoring system is averaged based upon 4 factors:

  • Health & wellness
  • Education
  • Income/economy
  • Internet access


Health & Wellness

To calculate a micronation's score for health & wellness, you must first take the average life expectancy at birth and subtract it by 20. Then, multiply it by 10. Next, take the average cost of healthcare per year and divide it by 12. Then, multiply it by 10. Finally, average out the totals. Formula for Health & Wellness: (note: HWI stands for Health & Wellness Index)

(LE-20)*10 = T1, (CH/12)*10 = T2, (T1+T2)/2 = HWI

So, if a micronation's average life expectancy is 85, and their cost of healthcare per year is $1,200, then their HWI would be 825.


To calculate a micronation's score for education, you must first take the years of primary schooling (in years) and multiply it by 100. Then, divide it by the mean amount of schooling overall (in years). Finally, multiply that number by 10. Formula for education: (note: EDI stands for Education Index)


So, if a micronation's average amount of primary schooling (in years) is 9, and their amount of schooling overall is 12, then their EDI would be 750.


To calculate the score for income/economy, follow this formula: (note: GNIpc stands for average income per capita, per year, and IEI stands )

log(GNIpc) - log(100) / log(75,000) - log(100) = IEI

Then, multiply it by 1000, then divide by 5. So, if the micronation's average income per capita is $56,000, then it's IEI would be 468.

Internet Access

This is simply just the percentage of citizens with access to the internet

Formula: IA= I/C where I represents Citizens with internet, and C represents total citizens


To get the overall score you multiply all four categories to each other then to the power of 0.2

Formula: (HWI*EDI*EIE*IA)^0.2


  • ▲ = increase.
  • ▬ = steady.
  • ▼ = decrease.
Rank Country MHDI
2021 data Change from previous year 2021 data Change from previous year
Very High MHDI
Medium MHDI
1  Belcity 752 ▼-26
Very low MHDI
2 United Soviet Republics of Fosalk 580 ▲+46
3  Bannin 546


  1. This was an unofficial survey.