Micro-Mendersian War

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Micro-Mendersian War
Date27 May – 8 June 2020
online (Discord and MicroWiki)

Victory of the Microentente

  • Mendersian capitulation
  • Signing of the Ultimatum by Mendersia


Government of Jan Mírný

Supported by



Supported by

Commanders and leaders
Štěpán Círek
Petr Zámečník
Jan Šťastný
Nicholas I.
Martin Brožek
Peter Simon Malček-Ohřevský
Lukáš Zíma
Daniel Henry I.
Jan Mírný
Eric Šmidor
Lothar Pfeill
Waldemar Šmidor
Microentante: ~90 Mendersia: ~30

Micro-Mendersian War was in progress in Czech sector from May to June 2020.

This war happened because of a major crisis in Mendersia and lead to the creation of Second Mendersian republic


The very beginning of the conflict can be seen right after the March 2020 elections, when the winning MPM party formed a coalition with the TRD and PPM. This government was highly unstable, characterised by an irregular distribution of mandates, censorship and also non-existent people (for example, at one point the then Prime Minister Göth held half of the seats in parliament (three through winning the election and one thanks to Karl Hohuta, an alter-ego of his, fictitious politician who was a member of the TRD).


Origin of the conflict can be traced to the 30 April 2020, when the vicepresident Jan Šťastný and prime minister Nicholas I. had both signed a protest resignation in Mendersia, due to the enormous corruption. This lead to shaking and crumbiling of the very basis of Mendersia and foreign relations between Mendersia and other nations very quickly starting to deteriorate.

The war was preceded by many arguments, false discord accounts, an attempted coup ïn Klitzibürg[cs] and much more. This horrible behavior on both sides lead to the start of said war.


On the 26 May 2020, the Ultimatum[1] about the inner structuriing of Mendersia was presented to Eric Smith. The Ultimatum was preceeded by a day-long diplomatic shootout on discord between Mendersia, Klitzibürg and the Rednecks Republic, the shootout is often cited as a prelude to the war. On the 27 May 2020, the Ultimatum was still ignored by the Mendersian side and this lead to the decleration of war by Klitzibürg and Rednecks Republic respectively.

More micronations were declaring support to the Klitzibürgian side or joining the war on their side, then the chairmans of the Mendersian political parties approved of the abolition of the First Mendersian Republic by 15 June 2020. Thanks to this, Mendersia effectivaly left UMCE.

On the 4 June 2020, MPNC declared a revolutionary government and Jan Mírný declared himself a president. Jan Mírný was a fake discord account deployed by the Kybistani government, which had a goal of getting Mendersia for Kybistan, evidence further prooved, that Jan Mírný was really a fake account from Kybistan.

On the 7 June 2020, Eric Smith resigned and the day after that, the war ended.