MicroWorkshop 2021

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MicroWorkshop 2021
Date 27 February 2021
Site Zoom Video Conference
URL https://draculgov.com
Attendees Commonwealth of Dracul
Republic of Molossia
Grand Duchy of Westarctica
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Principality of Lorenzburg
Republic of West Who
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall
Metropolitan Electorate of Fidelis
Next summit TBD

MicroWorkshop 2021 was a virtual micronational event, that took place on 27 February 2021. It was hosted by the Commonwealth of Dracul. The event consisted of delegates from multiple micronations and seven speakers.

Alongside various Draculian Officials, delegates from Flandrensis, Fidelis, West Who and Westarctica are slated to act as speakers for the event.[1] Topics of discussion included establishing micronation agencies, cryptocurrencies, micronational war, citizenship, ecological micronationalism, creating culture and traditions, heraldry and vexillology, data handling, media, and explaining micronations. [2]

Poster advertising the upcoming workshop.

Thomas Bainbridge Incident

During the event, someone had joined in with the name "Thomas Bainbridge", who was one of the speakers. Unbeknownst, to the organizers, they were an impostor of Bainbridge. Subsequently, Thomas Bainbridge accused an Essexian official of the incident, however, this was denied by Essexia.

External Links

Event page
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