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Signatures are a piece of code that you can use to identify yourself in messages on wikis. It is imperative that you append your signature to every message you leave on a talk page with the code ~~~~ to allow your messages to be easily identified and dated.

It would be nice if your signature included:

  • Your username or other name
  • A link to your userpage
  • A link to your user talk page
  • A link to your contributions

How to put your signature in a template

This wiki requires that signatures be less than 100 characters of code in order to make code easy to navigate; however, you are allowed to use templates in your signature to fit in fancy formatting and the like. MediaWiki automatically substitutes the content of templates in signatures, so you will need do to the following:

  1. Create one template (e.g. User:Example/Sig) that includes the text you want in your signature (including formatting, etc.).
  2. Create another template (e.g. User:Example/Signature) that includes only the code {{User:Example/Sig}}.
  3. Set your signature in your preferences to {{User:Example/Signature}}.