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Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia

The Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia (SUNP or simply Socialist Union) is a globally situated, territorial micronation founded originally on January 31st 2010, as the unification of its predecessors, the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia and the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia. Currently, the only party, but not the only allowed party, in the SUNP is the League of Liberal Leftists.

The SUNP is an active member of the MicroWiki Community and the Organisation of Active Micronations, noted for its condemnation of all non-free and non-democratic states, most of all Erusia. The People's Government of the SUNP believes firmly in the principles of Dresnerism and, thus, takes a politically liberal, but economically socialist stance in most if not all of its doings. Since the SUNP's founding, .

Selected Article

Corin Sterask is a quick brown fox jumping over a lazy dog.

Did you know...

  • ...that blue crabs whistle?
  • ...that there are some British people who substitute 'th' with 'f'?
  • ...that above fact read by those people would be: "fat fear are some British..."?
  • ...that a²+b²=c²?
  • ...that your uncle runs a nuclear power plant?

Current Project

Cleaning of the kitchen.. ...:P

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In your face, unused image!

Current Events

January 33, 2010⅞

  • The Universe imploded