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The Democratic People's Republic of Erusia Portal


The Democratic People's Republic of Erusia (IPA: [ əɹuziːɐ ]) (DPRE) (Erusian: Verzu Ehazova Qaevaxu Zaaxhia), commonly known plainly as Erusia (Verzu eg Zaiv) was a micronational state that had originally been founded on October 27 2008 as a Constitutional Monarchy and reformed to a Democratic Republic on November 8th of that year. After the 2009 Erusian Political Crisis, Erusia became a Single-party Socialist Republic under the absolute leadership of the Erusian National Communist Party, who first came to power in November 2008. Since November the Communist Party systematically eliminated all alleged political opposition to its rule, gradually transforming the nation from a free multi-party democracy to a single-party Communist State.

Under Communist rule, the Democratic People's Republic was seen to prosper both politically and socially. It became one of the most influential members of its main community and was renowned for its commitment to progressive socio-economic development. In particular, Erusia stood out for the apparent high number of women and minorities in its government, its tolerance and acceptance of such minorities, an unusually active government and a strict internal bureaucratic structure rivaled by few other micronations. Critics of the Erusian government attacked the DPRE for what they perceive to be repeated Human Rights violations, a record of political repression, opposition to democracy and a hardline Socialist foreign policy.

The Democratic People's Republic adhered to its unique ideology of Rennie-Gaffneyism, named for the founders of the Democratic People's Republic of Bzan. It was the leading member state of the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics throughout that micronation's history, and today Bzan - its spiritual ancestor - is one of the four semi-autonomous regions of Erusia. According to the Central People's Government of Erusia, the inevitable goal of Erusia was to "achieve a classless, Stateless and truly Communistic society in which all are free and equal" and to "demonstrate the micronational movement can become a powerful weapon in the global revolutionary struggle against Capitalism and Imperialist oppression".

On July 30, 2010, Erusia decided to terminate its own existence. Following this, the 'Lethler Experiment', where it was proven, and indeed, openly admitted by Robert Lethler, that the entire Erusian micronation was a fabrication, used to further his own means, which are as of yet known only to very few micronationalists, sworn to secrecy.

Selected Article

The 1st National Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia was the highest legal text of that State, making it the supreme law of the Democratic People's Republic until it was replaced by the 2nd Constitution in May 2009. Iniatially established on the day of Erusia's founding, the last version of the 1st constitution was adopted by the National People's Assembly on January 19th 2009 with the passing of the Erusian Proletarian Protection Act. Prior to that, it underwent significant reform on November 9th 2009 when the Erusian National Communist Party first took power. Unlike other laws that require only a 50.01% majority vote or higher to pass in the Assembly, reforms to the constitution require a 60.00% majority vote or higher in order to become effective. The constitution is divided into six chapters titled Definition of the Republic, Objectives, Organisation, Fundamental Rights, Individual Restrictions and Socialist Fundamentals of Society respectively. All in all the constitution has sixty articles spread across these chapters. The constitution is notable for allowing certain hard-line Socialist policies to be readily implemented - the State has the power to seize property and finances freely without compensation or due warning. Additionally, the constitution is noted for enshrining absolute equality between all Humans in it's text and specifically cites discrimination on the grounds of sexuality as being unconstitutional.

Did you know...

  • ...that all though the ideology is not official, Maoism is sometimes considered the fifth guiding ideology of the Communist Party due to it's enormous influences on daily political life and work in Erusia?
  • ...that Robert Lethler holds the record for the shortest term in any Erusian office, having been Premier of Erusia for just one day?
  • ...that Hymn to Bzan is an unofficial anthem of the Communist Party?
  • ...that only the tune, not the words, of the national anthem is constitutional?
  • ...that the title of Supreme People's Commissioner was first used in Bzan, not Erusia?

Current Project

The Erusian Improvement Drive is an effort to drastically overhaul, update and expand the Erusian content on MicroWiki. Using this portal as a basis and Wikipedia articles on China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba and the USSR as a template, the project aims to bring content up to Wikipedia standards and to greatly increase the information available on the Democratic People's Republic.

Selected Image


The Flag of the Erusian National Communist Party is a modified version of the flag of the Korean Workers' Party, depicting the Juche (and also Rennie-Gaffneyist) Hammer & Sickle design flanked by two Red Stars. The left-hand star is said to represent the Party, the right-hand star the State, the Hammer the Proletariat, the Sickle the Peasantry and the Brush the Erusian People themselves. An alternative intepretation is that the stars represent the ideological theorists Gaffney and Rennie, whilst the Hammer represents the State (enforcing the People's will), the Sickle the Party (cultivating Socialism) and the Brush representing the People again (writing a new chapter in history).

Current Events

June 26th 2009

  • A rare popularity poll in Erusia in the aftermath of the War over Micronational Communism gives the Lethler-Roosevelt administration an average popularity rating of 86.36%, up from 65-70% in previous polls
  • Erusian State media announces that Hannah Thacher has been arrested for "unspecified counter-revolutionary crimes" and is to be tried soon

June 24th 2009

  • The National People's Assembly passes a series of (unrelated) laws and subsequently outlaws private law firms (7 - 2), declares a no-tolerance policy on all forms of drug abuse (5 - 4), makes gross tax evasion/fraud punishable with the death penalty (4 - 3)

June 4th 2009

  • The Erusian National Communist Party announces the death of a junior Party official, declares preperations for an official memorial service to be held in the coming weeks

June 2nd 2009

May 30th 2009

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