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The Cheslovian Federation Portal - Чесловискаи Ведерацийа Портйухти
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A view of the Vsevolod plains that dominate the landscape of Soligorsk Krai, western Cheslovia.

The Cheslovian Federation was founded in 2003 and is located in what is known as the Baltian Sector. Cheslovia is known for its large land claims, however, the government has stated on many occassions that much of the activty that occurs happens inside the republics. Cheslovia is the successor state of the Principality of Kaznia. The largest historical political entity Cheslovia has been was the Kaznian Empire a slightly iron fisted empire that existed in early mid 2006, that Second Kaznian Empire (also known as the second order) was more liberal.

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The Flag of Cheslovia was designed during january of 2007, however it was officially used on 15th february 2007. Officially the colours on the flag mean nothing however the peope of Cheslovia aplly various meanings to them, for example, white represents pride and freedom, black represents industry and patriotism and blue represents heritage, culture and history.

05.03.2008: Yaana Kozhets replaces President Urosh Dushanov as Governor of Transylvakia.

Did you know...

  • The flag of BorisovDuring the Principality of Udmurtia and later Kaznian Rebirth the current flag of Borisov was schedualed to become the flag of Cheslovia?
  • At the end of 2007, Musorov was briefly renamed "Talimaa", the name of the longest river in Cheslovia, and also the nation was briefly renamed "Eistia" and pursued an Estonian style culture?
  • The Musorov football club (Musorov Locomotive) was based on the Russian football team CSKA Moscow?
  • During the begining of 2007, Cheslovia only consisted of what is now Musorov and Musorov National Park? There were a total of eight provinces in that area alone.