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Welcome to MicroProject Nemkhavia, a project formed for the purpose of creating, improving and organizing all articles related to Nemkhavia.

Scope and goals

The scope of this project extends to all articles related to Nemkhavia. The project will be expanded gradually as progress takes place; focus will begin on a core of essential Nemkhavia-related articles and expand further until eventually any page in which Nemkhavia-related content factors highly will fall under the scope of the project.

In the list of goals, the word "improve" is used with a broad meaning. There are a whole host of problems with Nemkhavia-related articles:

  • Many, if not most, are stubs
  • Use the wrong tense or contain many misspellings
  • Have no references or inline citations
  • Contain discrepancies or contradict other Nemkhavia-related articles
  • Contain few, if any, photographs or other forms of visual documentation
  • Are improperly formatted or use poor templates

Thus, "improve" is used to mean "make a significant level of progress towards the resolution of said problems".

Goals thus far (participants are free to add new goals, or comment on existing ones):

1. Gain membership of all active state representatives
2. Improve all pages linked to on the disambiguation page
3. Improve all pages linked to in the Nemkhavia Navbox
4. Improve all pages linked to in the navboxes of current states
5. Catalogue all Nemkhavia-related pages and classify each according to quality and priority
6. Create a Nemkhavia portal


Specific improvements needed for specific pages will be listed here.


If you would like to participate, simply sign your username below.

J.J. Hakimoto 20:41, 22 July 2012 (GMT)