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Welcome to MicroProject Improve, a community effort to improve the quality and length of articles about well-known micronations. Feel free to add yourself as a member in the section below.

Project aims

  • To improve the layout, formatting and spelling of the articles.
  • To verify the content of, and add relevant citations to the articles
  • To add meaningful new content to the articles.
  • To move or remove unverifiable or unrelated content of the articles.
  • To add images to the articles.
  • To fix external and internal links.
  • To add links to other articles on MicroWiki, allowing readers to discover more of our content.
  • To introduce this site to new micronationalists through well-known micronations.

Project guidelines

  • Please, do not copy content from Wikipedia - we have the liberty of not being bound by their relevance policies and search engines might not like us duplicating content.
  • Always respect copyright! If a file has no known license, or the license is incompatible with our license, please do not use it, or acquire permission first.
  • Please direct all discussion to the talk page, to not clutter this page any further.


In consideration

Work in progress

Improved articles