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Scope and Purpose

The Purpose of the MicroProject is to create a place for people to work articles for Arkonia as a collaaborative community.

Status of articles


Please use the [[User:(Username) | (Your name)]] format or sign without a timestamp using ~~~ when adding your name

Members with a subscript † have either publicly announced retirement (indicated by an r), are currently taking a wiki-break (indicated by a b), or have not actively edited Wikipedia in more than 1 year.


Projects of the Month

Every month (and ideally every week), our WikiProject will have one goal that we'd like to accomplish together. Our goals can include anything relating to the project such as: improving a page, starting a new article, getting more members to join our project, creating more templates to help the readers, locating more articles in our scope, and more! Any members with ideas can feel more than welcome to start new projects, and editors with track records of helping our project can be rewarded for their contributions!

Main Project of the Month: April 2019


Articles to Improve

Status Key

Unknown status Problems have been resolved Minor issues; could be fixed quickly Neither very bad nor mostly fine Significant attention needed to finish improvements Urgent attention needed
(for situations such as edit wars, etc)
Status Article Entity Notes

Article requests

If you know of any subjects which lack articles, please list them below!

Entity Proposed Name Link to Draft Notes


See Wikipedia:WikiProject Limited recognition/Awards for all awards.


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