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Airms o MicroWiki.

MicroWiki (MW), Micronations Wiki, Micronational Wiki, MicroWikia an aw, or various ither names, is a free onwab encyclopaedie that seeks tae inventar an leet iverie aspect o the micronaitional phenomenon. Shapit in 2005, the project aims tae mak an Inglis leid surrogatum tae the weel-kent an undeemouslie faur ben onwab encyclopaedie Wikipaedia, uisin the ilk fameeliar content makkin an uphaudin tuils. Like Wikipaedia, aw o thair content is halelie free an is available tae the general public fur fair uise. MicroWiki is an appen encyclopaedie that onie uiser can eedit, wi an accoont. MicroWiki daes no ettle tae copy or tak awa WikiProject Micronations at Wikipaedia, bit raither tae develop a wiki that is able tae deal wi speceefic micronaitional subject maiters in muckler detail than Wikipaedia can unner hits policie content the noo.