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MicroHow logo as of March 2019.svg
Type of businessPrivate
Type of site
Entertainment, How-to design manual
Available in1 languages
List of languages
Created byCameron I
Key peopleCameron I (Founder)
Eshaan I (CEO)
RegistrationRequired, uses MicroWiki account.
Launched19 March 2019
Current statusActive

MicroHow, also MicroProject How-to, is a microproject for micronationalists going over a broad variety of design aspects for their micronation, such as flags, coat of arms, and seals for public and private companies, government offices, etc.


What is now known as MicroHow was originally thought of in the MicroWiki@Discord server, through the help of Edward Daniels and Archie Birch, it was conceived as Micronational Modeling, yet later turned into MicroHow. It was again thought about by Eshaan011 on User talk:Austenasia.

Eshaan I later created it as a MicroProject on MicroWiki.