Micro-Euro-Summit 2022

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Participants of the Micro-Euro-Summit 2022
Participants of the Micro-Euro-Summit 2022
Logo of the Micro-Euro-Summit 2022

Micro-Euro-Summit 2022

Due to the lack of a Micronational summit like MicroCon on the European continent, the Micro-Euro Summit has been created to fill this void and provide European Micronationalists with an opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas.

In the year 2022, the summit was held in the Czech town of Chyse on the 25 June.

The Micro-Euro Summit 2022 had been hosted by the United Republic of Obscurium, the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary and of course, the good people at Chyse Castle.


24 June/ Friday:

Evening= Open dinner at restaurant/beer garden  

25 June/ Saturday:

10-11= Gathering in the brewery hall and time for looking at displays and talking to participants

11-13=Presentations (with break)13-14= Lunch break

14-15= More presentations (if demand requires it)

15-18= After a short break, activities in the area will be offered

(Activities could include visiting the local historic church, a tour of the castle) (activities not guaranteed, though castle tour very likely)

19/20=Dinner with award ceremonies

26 June/ Sunday:

Morning= Activities (if not enough time on Saturday)

Display of the FM and yourstamps MES22.jpg

Stamp workshop from yourstamps.eu


Micro-Euro-Summit 2022 2.jpg

The following is a list of all currently registered Micronational

Display OBS, DUY, EDR MES22.jpg


United Republic of Obscurium (2)

Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary (5)

Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands (1)

Republic of Waronia (2)

People's Republic of Edristan (1)


denikn.cz (1)

Follow-up Summit

The Micro-Euro-Summit 2023 will take place at Chyse Castle/CZ in Summer 2023.

Organizers: Obscurium and Duckionary

The exact date and more information will be published in autumn 2022.