Michael Rosario

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Micheal (Mike) Rosario was leader of the Communist Workers Party in Cyberia until October 1998. He had helped to form the United Coalition of the Cyberian Left with Richard Pond of the Socialist Party. He was Governor of Menet province, among other postions.

He had great support from the reminant of the native Mala'anje people remaining in Cyberia at that time, and was a champion of native rights.

As a noted humorist and satirist of the existing order, he lead the way for those who fought to maintain freedom in Cyberia, such as Mike Phyle, Emperor Jacobus and Geoffrey T. Spaulding.

He later led many UCCL members to secede from Cyberia to form the United Provinces of East Cyberia, or U.P.E.C.. This followed a prosecution and guilty verdict in the VCC. President Alan Grieve of Cyberia later pardoned Rosario because the judge in the case, on the prosecutor's advice, had instructed the jury to convict and then recorded a conviction when the jury refused to comply. This was, however, long after the damage was done.

He was the beloved brother and protector of his big brother Hoss Rosario, also a prominent Cyberian. Hoss was frequently was seen on the Cyberian forums.

Mike was named an honorary citizen of the Republic of Molossia. (http://www.molossia.org/honcitizens.html).

Rosario approved the use of U.P.E.C. airpower in support of ProvoCyberia during the Second War for Cyberian Liberation, leading to the crucial defeat of the followers of Elena Delgado.

He later led the transformation of U.P.E.C. into the United Radical Communities and later Eudamonia.

The Federal Republic of Cyberia has honored Rosario and his brother Hoss Rosario by naming various places and institutions for them. The most prominent of these is the Rosario Peoples' Front, the Communist-leaning party of the FRC.