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The Republic of Micaeda is a micronation integrated by the Micaedan people, whose objectives are the preservation and promotion of the traditions, customs and cultural heritage of Micaeda.


The Provisional Administration of Micaeda, representing all micaedans, drafted the document of the Proclamation of the Republic on the afternoon of the 19th of September 2018.

After the presentation of the founding document of the Republic, a vote was opened for all citizens to pronounce on the draft constitutional proposal drafted by the Constitutional Commission between the 15th and 18 September 2018.

Text of the Proclamation of the Republic of 19th September 2018

The Provisional Administration of the Republic of Micaeda to the People of Micaeda,

Men and women of Micaeda: In the name of the Honor of our ancestors who legated our traditions and identity to us, we call upon all the people of Micaeda to unite in the struggle for their own freedom and identity, to safeguard our traditions, our customs, our cultural heritage.

We proclaim in force the irrevocable right of the Micaedans to have their own homeland, without being deprived of it by any condition of having been accidentally born elsewhere. This right is peaceful since Micaeda does not claim any territory nor does it wish to conquer other people’s lands, but only to have its own entity to safeguard its traditions, culture and way of life. It is for this reason that the Republic of Micaeda is formed as an entity of the Micaedan People.

Affirming the undisputed respect for human rights and peace, we proclaim today the Republic of Micaeda as a sovereign and independent entity of the People of Micaeda, and we commit ourselves to build it to ensure freedom, welfare and equal rights and opportunities for all citizens, with the firm intention of achieving the happiness and prosperity of our people.

The Provisional Administration of Micaeda: Erwin Stringer, Josué Carvallo, Xepe Alonso, Fabian Schwaiger.

In Vanburg, on the Nineteenth of September of Two Thousand Eighteen

Official Web Site: https://micaeda.com/ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/MicaedaGov