Mia Sanchez

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Mia Sanchez
Bran District City Councilmember
assumed office
21 March 2021
President Dmitri Howie
Bran District Financial Director
assumed office
24 March 2021
President Dmitri Howie
Predecessor Charles Ross
Personal information
Born 25 November 2003 (2003-11-25) (age 17)
Sonora, Mexico
Citizenship Mexico
Commonwealth of Dracul
United States
Spouse(s) Charles Ross (Boyfriend)
Residence Arizona, United States
Religion Catholicism

Mia Socorro Sanchez is a Draculian civil servant currently serving as a Councilmember for the Bran District City Council. She joined Dracul in March of 2020 after being persuaded to do so by her boyfriend Charles Ross.