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Mensa Ann, is a micronation Just north of Vancouver island Canada. Mensa Ann was created on April 13, 2019. There are three provinces in Mensa Ann, Ann island, (undecided),(undecided). Mensa Ann is ruled by a monarchy, and a council. The council is the backbone of the Mensa Ann legal system, but the Monarch has absolute power.


Mensa Ann Pronounced Men-Suh-Ann. Mensa is table is latin, table island is the largest island in Mensa Ann. Ann refers to Ann island the second largest island in Mensa Ann, it is also home to the royal estates. (currently not built.)


Mensa Ann was created on April 13, 2019. In June 2019 an anonymous Citizen made multiple threats to the monarchy, and attempted to take control of Mensa Ann. Said person was put on trial for treason the following day, and expelled from Mensa Ann.

Politics and government

Mensa Ann is a Monarchy, but it has a council which citizens vote for each year. Mensa Ann has the following: Ministry of defence, Ministry of education, Ministry of conservation, and Ministry of visitation. The government runs as such. Council members or the monarch can propose a bill and the council get a 24hour voting period, once it passes or ties in the council it goes to the monarch, The monarch has the final decision, the monarch signs the bill, 24 hours (or more) after the bill is signed it is put into the current legal system. Law and order

Mensa Ann has a police force, but it is run through the military.

Foreign relations

Mensa Ann has been fairly active In the micronational assembly, Microwiki discord, and multiple other micronational groups.


The military is run by CMAM, (commander of the Mensa Ann military) the CMAM controls the entire military. Mensa Ann has two branches of military, volunteer military personnel (VMP) , and Mensa Ann Special forces (MASF). In terms of armament Mensa Ann has enough to defend itself; This includes, pellet/airsoft guns, small arms, and high caliber rifles. Mensa Ann has been involved in multiple "online wars" but no Physical conflicts.

Geography and climate

Mensa Ann is a coastal island. there are lots of storms and rainy weather. Mensa Ann has a average summer temperature of 20 degrees celsius, and average winter temperatures of 5 degrees celsius.


Mensa Ann accepts the Canadian dollar, but also is has the Mensann. one Mensann is worth $0.75 USD as of dec.7.2019

Culture and media

Mensa Ann is against personal exposure. (religion, sexuality, ECT). Mensa Ann is currently not majorly focused on education, as most of our citizens have already or are being educated in other countrys. Mensa Ann's first language is english. Mensa Ann dose not have any art programs or famous artists. Mensa Ann dose not have any sort of news or press outside of the Mensa Ann discord server.

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