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Map of Menet, FRC Copyright Tim Dunkin, 1998, 2007

Menet, the southeasternmost province of the Federal Republic of Cyberia is bordered on the north by Mattimeo on the east by Lasteria and by the sea. Menet is famous for being the home of the Menet Skunk Ape Australopithicus Menetea.

It has also been the home of many idealists who attempted to reform previous governments of Cyberia, including Cody Williams, Michael Rosario,Mike Phyle, Austi Scot and Geoffrey T. Spaulding.

Under Spaulding, Menet lead the fight against an interventionist central government in the Third War for Cyberian Liberation, and became the headquarters of the Committee of National Salvation.

The Provincial forces were greatly aided by the Friends of Menet.