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English: The Lemon Tea Kingdom of Membury (Short form: Membury) Leetspeak: 7h3 l3m0n 734 k1n6d0m 0f m3mbury (Short form: m3mbury)
Flag Lemonteaflag.pngCoat of arms Lemonteacoatofarms.png

Membury ad astra! / m3mbury 4d 4str4 (Latin: Membury to the stars!)
Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
Official language(s)English, Leetspeak
Official religion(s)Secular (official)
Short nameMembury / m3mbury
DemonymMemburian / m3mbur14n
GovernmentParliamentary constitutional monarchy
- Crown of Lemon Tea / cr0wn 0f l3m0n t34King Phoenix I / Phoenix Potter
- First MinisterEmperor Spock#0314 (name unknown)
LegislatureThe Crown Council / th3 cr0wn c0unc1l
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - None (currently)
- Last election - 20 August 2017 (previous) 20 September 2017 (next)
EstablishedOriginal conception - 19 July 2017; New server - 21 July 2017
Area claimedNone
Population24 (As of 27 August)
CurrencyLemon notes / l3m0n n0t3s (commodity money (self explanatory))
Time zoneMST (GMT-05:15, no DST)
National dishPierogi
National drinkLemon tea
National animalOcelot
Patron saintHarambe


The Lemon Tea Kingdom of Membury is a purely online nation and political simulation based on a Discord server. It was founded on 19 July 2017 by Phoenix I after being inspired by other online micronations. After numerous raids by a group called "Birbs" (from the New Birblands) it moved to a new server on 21 July 2017. According to the most recent measurements of Discord membership, Membury has a population of 24. A major problem is inactivity, as 3 users account for 2/3 of activity, one user (the nation's ruler) accounting for half of this figure.


The Lemon Tea Kingdom of Membury's name originated shortly before founding. As the founder Phoenix I did not wish to have his nation look like another "egostan" with the simple name "Kingdom of Membury" he felt like a distinguishing prefix was necessary. As he was having a sip of lemon tea at the time, he decided to tack this on to the nation's name. The literal meaning of Membury is "Memberry's fortified place, Mem- representing Memberry and -bury coming from the Old English 'burh', "fortified place".


Origins The first Memburian gathering was over a discord server on 19 July 2017. Late at night as another member was using the userphone, a group of wanderers identifying themselves as "Birbs" numbering about 10 entered.

The Discord bot function known as the userphone.

The Memburian-Birb war, from Phoenix I's perspective After the Birbs came there was almost a constant flow of new ones until the Birb population outnumbered native Memburians by almost 2:1. On the morning of 20 July the election commenced with three parties putting forth candidates. The Birb candidate (their leader) recieved 10 votes, the Green Party (now Socialist Alliance of Membury leader Windfarmer recieved 7 votes, and the Royal Conservative leader Thomas Larson (now a member of the Memburian Imperials) recieved 2 votes. The native Memburian population quickly came to the offence against Birbs, their rallying cry a modified version of Njet, Molotoff. The Birbs were banned after a quick native-only vote before being let back in after a few hours. They were banned permanently the day after this.

The Discord profile of the Birb leader.

The Memburian-Birb war, from ????????'s perspective

A birb, Error Birb and the leader of the birbs, me, ????????, were calling people on userphone and checking out their servers, we eventually stumbled upon Membury, a nice idea for a server in the birb's eyes, we saw how small it was at the time, so we advertised it in our kingdom, at the start we were seen as "Foreigners" even though we were among some of the first travelers to the kingdom, only beaten by Memberry, Windfarmer, and Thomas Larson, we eventually settled down and saw the 1st election was starting, we ran for First Minister, and asked the Birbs to vote for me, we were not forcing them, eventually the first act of anti-Birb happened, Memberry removed all of our votes, this made us sort of mad, but to resolve we made him remove everyone else's votes, so it was fair, until eventually we were all banned, we got through this and got into the server again, slightly more angry, we eventually did the same tactic to try and vote me up again, but the tides turned and Memberry didn't like it, before the election ended, Memberry deleted the server, just to get rid of the birbs, that was the last straw for us, so we threatened Memberry by declaring war if we do not get back in, as we saw it as unfair, as there was no laws or rules against it, and it was not voted at all, Memberry was stubborn, we kept trying to get into the server until I eventually got in, Memberry of course, banned me instantly, so the Birbs declared war, eventually the war was mostly forgotten on the Birb side, though still mad at Memberry, and the Birbs still wanted to be able to go into Membury, this time not breaking laws that would later be conceived.

Aftermath of the Birbs After the Birbs were permanently banned, the population was split in half. It took nearly a month to recover from this and we have just now done so. As a result of the absence of the Birb leader, the second-in-place Greens took provisional power until the next election

Green government After Windfarmer and Sam the Wox took positions as First Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs respectively, server membership began slowly climbing. The Green government was extremely inactive, save for Windfarmer issuing an order on freedom of information.

Election of 20 August Two lists ran in the 20 August election; the Imperial-Hitler list, with Imperial leader Simirror as First Minister and Hitler leader Milaw Schimz as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Green (now Socialist) list, consisting of Green leader Windfarmer as First Minister and SamTheWox as Minister of Foregin Affairs. The Imperial-Hitler ticket won by 4 votes Imperial-Hitler 3 votes Green in the FM and MOFA elections.

Imperial-Hitler government The Imperial-Hitler government has established a right wing Memburian news service, the Galaxy News Radio (of Membury). It has also founded the Imperial City in the unofficial Membury Minecraft Server.

Late August population boom Starting when the wiki page was first made, Membury has experienced a population boom of rather large proportions. Starting on 24 August when this wiki page was created with 14 citizens. 2 more citizens joined through finding the wiki page in the Recent Changes section, before former First Minister Windfarmer posted a few ads in large servers and started a runaway effect, until Alexander Hamilton and his Federalists entered, outnumbering all other parties combined and being referred to by some as "Birbs 2.0".

August Birb Referendum In exchange for writing another part of this wiki, The Memburian-Birb war, from ????????'s perspective, ????????, the Birb leader, requested a referendum on the unconditional re-entry of all Birbs into Membury along with a few minor favors. The referendum failed 5 to 6 votes.


Memburian politics is modeled after the British political system. The official head of state is the Crown of Lemon Tea, who has slightly more power than the First Minister, who appoints various ministers such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence, Minister of Growth, and Minister of Culture. The Crown Council is the Memburian parliament and is elected by a unique vote system, where everyone has as many votes as there are options, and can vote once for anyone in any combination or amount they want.

Most content in the Membury times is random drivel completely unrelated to everything around it.


The main Memburian languages spoken are English (100% of the population), and Leetspeak (7%). Other elements of Memburian culture is based on American, British, and Danish cultures. The main news source in Membury is the Membury Times.