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The Pentarchy of Australis, known as the Pentarchy, was the first government body made in the Grand Duchy of Australis, then known as the Commonwealth of Australis. It was established on 8 April 2020, the date that Australis was founded. The system was short lived, and it was abandoned less than two months later in favour of the present Grand Duchy on 28 May 2020.

The Pentarchy consisted of five equal rulers of Australis from different backgrounds, each to represent one of the original five states of Australis.

Pentarchy members

Original members of the Australissian Pentarchy
Name State
Daniel Hamilton Amicitia
Alison M Integritas
Caitlyn A Aequalitatem
Roberto F Felicitatem
Anica W Beatitudinem


Although the Pentarchy no longer exists in Australis, certain symbols of its existence can still be found, most notably in the nations flag. The central five pointed star of the flag represents the five original members of the Pentarchy, with the five outer stars representing the five original states.