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The Kingdom Of Meleninia is a democratic/Marxist micro nation which as of 29 October 2017 has two permanent residents. It is split into a large variety of locations due to it's policy around territory, which is that anyone who chooses to become a permanent resident, has all property ciezed by the state and becomes an official overseas territory.


Even the leader of the nation of Meleninia has mild troubles pronouncing the name. It's correct pronounciation is Mal-In-Een-Ia.


The Kingdom Of Meleninia was created on the first of October, 2017. It was formed by two people, both of which agreed that they could run the country better. It slowly began evolving more and more until recently on the 29 of october they made the official discord server, which fufilled there goal of allowing anyone around the world to join. Later on the date 15/11/17 Meleninia was faced with the "Marxist split" in of which Meleninia and it's citizens split into two much smaller nations being "The Marxist Union of Bobossia" and the "The Marxist Union of Althaealand"


The Kingdom Of Meleninia runs on a fairly simplistic form of government that does allow for easy expansion. They have a select amount of ministers, who may be expanded at any time if the President decides so. Currently the list of ministers are

Minister of environmental matters, Minister of womens rights, Minister of finance, Minister of constitutional issues, Minister of transport, Minister of health, Minister of defense, Minister of foreign affairs, Minister of tourism, Minister of media affairs

Meleninia also has a group of congressman and woman who run primarily like the USA congress, and one attorney general.

Current Policies

The current are the bills implemented since the last cabinet meeting on 10/11/17

Bill Of Initial Defense Via Food, Bill Of Carbon Sinks In Meleninia, Bill For The Legalization Of Strictly Medicinal Cannabis, Bill For The Creation Of A Local Intelligence Agency, Bill For The Creation Of A Model Air Force For Defensive Purposes, Bill for the deportation of any acts of abuse from Meleninia, Bill for the creation of an online education system, Bill for the creation of a herbal based online clinic,Bill for the creation of a local news network,


Meleninia has a strange economy, in that it is primarily gift based, it is done with no real monetary system, although when neccarcary they operate with NZD. Due to the minor issue that no other country operates this way, they do still unforunately need to operate everything with a yearly budget. This has not yet been drawn up, although it is expected that it will be fairly tight, as the annual revenue is about 450 NZD.


Meleninia runs one state owned news network, known as "Meleninia news" This is still not up and running yet unfortunately due to lack of staff, but it is expected to be a good, reliable news source.