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The term Media of the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics refers to the practice and history of information delivery, communications and public entertainment services within the USMR. The central government of the USMR is seen to pride itself on the accomplishments of both All-Union and regional media and, when compared to other micronations on MicroWiki, it can be argued that the media of the USMR is more diverse and complex than the media services of most other nations. Under the Premiership of Robert Lethler, media development was a top priority throughout the Union and is expected to remain so under the leadership of Kai Roosevelt

Within the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics, government involvement in the media is extremely high and (at an All-Union level at least) there is no law that truly guarantees Freedom of the Press. All media at an All-Union level is subject to control by the All-Union Culture and Creative Media Agency, which operates the All-Union Censorship Office (AU-CO). The Censorship Office is responsible for checking all media broadcasts and publications, from both independent and State-owned media, although the former are not subject to the same strict controls. All-Union media services may only report on news stories and discuss subject matters within a framework that is established and regularly reformed by the Agency, although they are permitted considerable freedom in how they tackle these issues. Almost all major media organisations within the USMR are owned by the All-Union government or by the governments of one of the three Socialist Republics. Currently, there exist only two non-State owned media services in the Union - the Durban Press Office and The People's Reporter. These are, however, owned by the Erusian National Communist Party and the Communist Party of the USMR respectively, meaning that they are often subjected to even tighter regulation when reporting on news stories.

The Union has an unusually large number of State-owned and Party-owned media outlets. All in all, the State and Party control seven major media outlets, each of which with it's own distinct reporting style. The People's Reporter is the only one of these that is permitted to distribute it's publications internationally. The Communist Party has, however, been working on developing the State News Service (the chief All-Union news agency) into an online news outlet for international viewing. It is expected the SNS will launch alongisde the State Information Network upon the latter's completion. It has also been announced that, following the archiving of the USMR's only cinematic production Socialism Is Great, the Culture and Creative Media Agency intends to establish a State-run internet television and possibly radio service in the near future.