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Television broadcasting in Mouzilo began in 2012 and this was preceded in 2011 by statute 1663 permitting television broadcasting. Also, radio broadcasting began on 2012 preceded by some tests in House of Athens (former Republic of Pangratia) in 2009.

Television (state owned)


The main broadcaster in Mouzilo is MIRT, The Mouzeliot Imperial Radio-Television (Αυτοκρατορική Ράδιο-Τηλεόραση Μουζήλου/Autokratorikί Rάdio-Tileόrasi Mouzίlou). It is a state-owned corporation, which has 2 Television channels, fully owned by MIRT and one world service channel, of which MIRT owns only 50%. MIRTs TV channels are:


MITV1 (stylized mitv) broadcasts a variety of programs, such as documentaries, news, tv-shows as well as sports.

MITV2 Sports

MITV2 Sports (stylized mitv2 sports) broadcasts only sports. It mainly focuses on football (soccer) and broadcasts football games related to Mouzilo. It also broadcasts some full games (usually Champions League games or FIFA-related) and highlights of leagues such as the Greek Superleague, the Spanish Primera Division, the English Premier League etc. Other programs of the channel are basketball games or sports-related documentaries. Its current program is:

  • Nationalism in football stadia (Documentary, Greece 2007?)

Television (independent)


3(d) (stylized 3d) is the third channel of Mouzilo. Despite the fact that it is independent, the channel was named (initially) 3 as it was the 3rd channel ever made in Mouzilo. Later, it was decided that 3 would only broadcast 3D material, something that does until today.


Atv is another independent channel that mainly focuses on the House of Athens and Heptarchy of New Herakleia. The "a" is meant to mean "Athens" and "Autonomous"(refering to the Autonomous New Herakleia). It mainly broadcasts news and documentaries.

Television (satellite)

There is one satellite channel in Mouzilo which broadcasts through Internet (Livestream), the MITV World. It broadcasts a mixture of all channels, except MITV2 which is available on Internet too.It is owned by 50% by MIRT, 25% by 3d and 25% by atv. Its current program is:

  • National Anthem of Mouzilo
  • Pontic dance
  • Portal: No Escape (Film USA 2012)
  • Connected (Film USA 2012)
  • Late Bloomer (Film USA 2012)

Planned programs:

  • Byzantium: The lost empire (Doc. USA ??)
  • Ancient Megastructures:Hagia Sophia (Doc. USA 2009??)

Planned TV stations-programs

Currently, the MIRT is trying to create a Mouzeliot language version of euronews channel. The MIRT is currently translating the euronews material and soon, this new program will air, with Mouzeliot subtitles, in mitv1.



Currently, there is only one radio station, completely state-owned, the MIR (Mouzilo Imperial Radio) which broadcasts on ??FM (data missing). There have been attempts in order to broadcast the station through internet, but so far, there has been no development.