MediaSlav v. Workers

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MediaSlav v. Workers
Seal of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slavtria.png
CourtSupreme Court of Slavtria
Date16–17 May 2022
Full nameMediaSlav SNTV v. Former employees
Chief JusticeRepublic of Slavtria Catiko[a]
PlaintiffMediaSlav SNTV
Defendant3 former workers of MediaSlav SNTV
  • Destruction of private property (4 counts)
  • Violating a legal and signed contract (7 counts)
  • Bribing an officer of the law (2 counts)
  • Contempt of court (2 counts[b])
Verdict3 employees found guilty of all charges, all sentenced to 1 year of probation, each later forced to pay Є500 by decision of the court
CitationMediaSlav SNTV v. Former employees 2022-1-03 SCRS

MediaSlav SNTV v. Former employees, commonly known as MediaSlav v. Workers, was a criminal mischief and vandalism case between MediaSlav SNTV and 3 of its former workers. The charges are 4 counts of destruction of private property, 7 counts of violating a legal and signed contract, and 2 counts of bribing an officer of the law. 2 charges of contempt of court were added later, with the 3 defendants "goofing around".

Case info

The case was filed by MediaSlav SNTV against 3 former employees, regarding destruction of company property and violation of employee contract. These 3 employees were reported to have smashed pictures and punched holes in walls of the MediaSlav building, and slashed tires of company vehicles. The employees also were inappropriate with other employees. These actions also counted as violating employee contracts. After this, the employees lied to, and tried to bribe, Slavtrian police officers.


The verdict was reached at 9:05 PM SDT on 17 May, with the former employees found guilty of all charges. They were all sentenced to 1 year of probation. On 19 August, the Supreme Court ordered the 3 employees to each pay Є500 (US$690) to SNTV, the parent company of MediaSlav SNTV, adding up to Є1500 (US$2070) in total.


  1. ZenithSD44 was absent and unavailable during this case.
  2. Added in the middle of the 2nd court session on May 17.