Mcarthian First Secretary appointment, March 2018

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First Secretary of State Appointment
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7 of the 13 members of the House of Councillors' support required to win

Seven of the thirteen members of the HoC required to win
7 of the 13 members of the House of Councillors required to win votes needed to win
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Candidate Artemis Langford Horatio Eden Pavle Savović

Incumbent First Secretary

Position vacant

The appointment of the First Secretary of State on March 18th, 2018 is a parliamentary procedure required by the Constitution of the Constitutional State of Mcarthia, which places the responsibility for nominating the head of government, the First Secretary of State, with the House of Councillors, the lower Mcarthian legislative chamber.

The appointment in March 2018 will be the first such appointment of a First Secretary to take place in Mcarthian history.


The Social Democratic Party, led by Artemis Langford and Violette Leōcor, won a plurality of seats in the Mcarthian general election, giving them five out of a total of thirteen seats. This is not, however, a sufficient number of votes to appoint a First Secretary; the position is elected by majority rather than plurality vote. The Social Democratic Party initially announced Ms. Leōcor as their party's nominee for First Secretary, though she later stepped down in favour of party co-leader Artemis Langford.

The Functionalist Party won one seat in the general election, which went to party leader and sole member Horatio Eden. It later merged with the Pragmatic Party of Will Campbell to form the Pragmatic Front. Eden subsequently nominated himself for the position of First Secretary.

The National Totalist Party won three seats in the general election. Pavle Savović announced he was planning to run for the post of First Secretary.

Failed nomination of Artemis Langford

Artemis Langford, on the first ballot, attempted to win appointment as First Secretary. The Chancellor stepped in upon her alleged victory, noting that the failure of her candidacy to achieve a majority of votes from a majority of members of the House - the majority had not, in fact, been in attendance - meant that her election was invalid. The First Secretary election was suspended and the presiding officers and staff annoucned the election proper would take place at a later date.