Mayorism of Darth

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Mayorism of Darth


For the glory and freedom!
Our nation will never fall
Capital cityDarth City
Official language(s)Czech language, Darth language, Slovak language and English language
Official religion(s)Secularism
- MayorRadek Osuch II. (first and last)
LegislatureNational Council
Established22. 9. 2014
Populationaround 300
CurrencyDarth crown
National animalDog

The Mayorism of Darth (Czech: Darthský majorismus) was a small federative micronation located in Bruntál.


The micronation has an original form of government named "Mayorism". The head of government was the mayor, Radek Osuch. He ruled by decree. The main legislature of the country is the National Council. Every law, which the National Council created, edited or removed must be accepted by people in referendum.