May 2020 Pinang Rayiys Election

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The May 2020 Pinang Rayiys Election was the first election for the Rayiys of Pinang and it took place on 16 May 2020. The election was won by the Ex-President Esty.

May 2020 Pinang Rayiys Election
Flag of Pinang.svg Pinangese Republic
16 May 2020 September 2020 →
Turnout50% ()
  No-profile2.jpg No-profile2.jpg
Candidate Esty Abstension
Party Liberal Constitutional Party None
Popular vote 3 1
Percentage 75% () 25% (new)

Elected Rayiys

Liberal Constitutional Party


Candidate and Party Votes (% and №)
Esty, Liberal Constitutional Party 75% (3)
Abstension 25% (1)