May 2013 New Dale Presidential election

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May 2013 New Dale Presidential Election
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Candidate Danny Clarke James Hunt Chris Barnes
Party Independent Independent Independent
Home state Woking Province Woking Province Woking Province

Incumbent President

Danny Clarke

The May 2013 New Dale Presidential Election will take place in early may 2013 at the end of the 1 month executive presidential term, currently held by Danny Clarke, the winner of the election will lose several powers with this powers being given to the people, this was agree ahead of the March election. The winner of the May 2013 New Dale Presidential Election will have a 6 month term as president as prescribed by the New Dale constitution. The election will also be followed by the Deputy-Presidential election, taking place a week after the presidential election. Danny Clarke won his re-election with 2 votes to 1 against opposition James Hunt, Chris Barnes along with citizen Dan Townend left the Republic of New Dale before election day because of disputes with the election system used and the attempted move from the used Facebook group to a forum.


Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes is considered the least likely candidate to win the election, generally because of his unknown support, if any exists, and his goals which easily reflect that of the other, more popular candidates. This is largely believed because of his campaign speech, "Vote for me because YOLO, also i will make this whole process a lot fairer and easier and cut all the bullsh*t out, cheers kthnxbai".

Danny Clarke

Current incumbent President of the Republic Danny is considered on of the two most likely candidates to win the election, along side James Hunt. Danny has shown within both the former Dale Republic and the Republic of New Dale to have both split support and success, previous elections have proved difficult when competing against James Hunt who has gathered strong support from people who oppose or disagree with Danny, despite James and Danny having quiet a positive cooperative history in the Dale Republic. Regular opposition of Danny's policies and political focuses are fellow candidate Chris Barnes and James Hunt.

James Hunt

James Hunt is considered one of the two most likely candidates, along side Danny Clarke to win the election. James has usually gathered support unintentionally from those who disagreed with President Danny Clarke during the Dale Republic. However, this majority no longer exist within the Republic of New Dale, especially with Chris Barnes, a likely voter for James running against him. This has resulted with some uncertainty upon the likely winner of the election.

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