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The Republic of Matt

Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

Note: The hammer & sickle was removed and the red star was replaced by a white one after the Exiled Government abolished the Communist Party of Matt (CP/M) in 2001.

Government Single-party Democracy under Act of November 30, 1993
Dictatorship under Emergency Act of March 2, 1994
Capital Mattville
Official Language English, French
Formation November 30, 1993
Dissolution September 2, 2004
Currencies Matt Dollar ($)=100 Cents
Megadollar (M$)=$1,000,000.00

U.S. Dollar ($)=100 Cents

The Republic of Matt was founded on November 30, 1993, suceeding The Kingdom of Matt which was founded two weeks earlier. It became a government-in-exile on March 2, 1994 and formally disbanded on September 2, 2004.

Government Structure

The Act of November 30, 1993 provided the basis of governance for the Republic of Matt. The Act of November 30, 1993 provides for:

  • A popularly elected President, who serves for six years
  • A vice-president, appointed by the President
  • Cabinet ministers, appointed by the President
  • National Assembly deputies, popularly elected by each province/special district with two per province or special district.
  • Territorial Representatives, appointed by the President and confirmed by 100% of the territorial population. They only have observer status in the National Assembly.
  • Supreme Court judges, appointed by the President and seconded by the National Assembly
  • Provinces are administered by a governor, elected by popular vote with terms varying according to provincial constitutions.
  • Territories are administered by neighboring provinces. However, once they reach a population of 5, then the territory can petition the central government for self-governance.
  • Special districts are administered by a mayor and city council.

The Act of November 30, 1993 was temporarily suspended by the Emergency Act of March 1, 1994, passed by the National Assembly only hours before the fall of the capital, Mattville. The Emergency Act of March 1, 1994 gave absolute dictatorial powers to the President until the City of Mattville is liberated.

Throughout the exile era, President Formatto ruled by decreee, except for a brief period during the coup d'etat of 2004 and in the days before the dissolution of the Republic of Matt.


The Army of the Republic of Matt (ARM) was responsible for the defense of the Republic of Matt. ARM was also responsible for defense regarding to air and sea. ARM was under the command of the Minister of Defense by the Act of Novembner 30, 1993. After the Emergency Act of March 1, 1994, ARM became under the direct command of the President of the Republic of Matt.

The naval forces defected to the Matt Island Republic on March 1, 1994, and ARM dissolved shortly afterwards. Veterans' groups still exist and the government of the Eastern Republic of Matt continues to recognize all ARM veterans' organizations chartered by the Republic of Matt.

Downfall of the Republic of Matt

The Republic of Matt reached its height by December 10, 1993. In early 1994, the Jasonites, with U.S. support, attacked the Bowie Province and detained its leaders. Volston fell by January 17, 1994. Azle Territory, which was administered by Volston, fell shortly after.

The Jasonites then attacked McAlpin Province, and detained its leaders. McAlpin fell by February 2, 1994. The Republic of Matt lost 80% of its claimed territory with the loss of McAlpin Province.

After the fall of McAlpin, the Jasonites backed off but the Americans continued the onslaught. Mattville, the national capital, was attacked and fell under siege on February 25, 1994. President Eric Tomassi resigned the next day, and Larry Formatto succeeded him. Tomassi then went into exile on Matt Island. On March 1, 1994, it became apparent that Mattville was undefendable. The National Assembly then authorized the Emergency Act of March 1, 1994, which gave President Formatto dictatorial powers, then disbanded. President Formatto immediately ordered the central government to move south, to Matt Pittman City. Mattville city leaders protested the move, and remained the defend their beleagured city after the national capital was relocated. Within hours, they proved to be no match, as the Americans, armed with bulldozers and backhoes, arrested Mattville leaders and plowed the city to the ground.

Meanwhile, the central government had moved to Matt Pittman City and checked in at the Hotel Mattpittmaniana, where they hoped to reorganize the military and reclaim Mattville. They were unable to do so and felt that Matt Island Province would be a more suitable defense. Unfortunately, a rebellion, led by former president Eric Tomassi, broke out on the island, and they declared themselves to be the Matt Island Republic. Civil war then breaks out between the Republic of Matt and the breakaway Matt Island Republic. The war was moot, as the Republic of Matt was forced to abandon Matt Pittman City as the Americans soldiered on with their advanced weaponry. In a dramatic escape, the government of the Republic of Matt hastily packed everything it had into a subcompact car, then fled to the mountains only steps ahead of the Americans. The Republic of Matt then became a government-in-exile for the next ten years.

Matt Island Republic continued its existence until 1996, when unusually heavy rains caused the entire island to be submerged, the entire population relocated to the United States and the government disbanded.

Jason Jones and Jason Wellington Provinces, once considered eastern backwaters of the Republic of Matt, soon found themselves without a central government. On June 1995, the two provinces met and formed a new central government, the Eastern Republic of Matt, which continues to exist to this day.

In 2004, the exiled government of the Republic of Matt made contact with the Eastern Republic of Matt. The Republic of Matt quickly attempted to reassert its control over the territories, but were defeated by the Army of the Eastern Republic of Matt on August 26, 2004. The Republic of Matt was then disbanded and its records are maintained by the Eastern Republic of Matt ever since.

Territorial Divisions of the Republic of Matt

The Republic of Matt consisted of six provinces, one territory, and one special district (capitals in parenthesis):

  • Azle Territory (Administered by Bowie Province)
  • Bowie (Volston)
  • Federal District (Mattville - Also the National capital)
  • Jason Jones (Jonestown)
  • Matt Island (Mattropolis)
  • Jason McAlpin (McAlpin)
  • Matt Pittman (Matt Pittman City)
  • Jason Wellington (Wellington)

Leaders of the Republic of Matt

  • Eric Tomassi (November 30, 1993 - February 28, 1994)
  • Larry Formatto (February 28, 1994 - August 18, 2003)
  • Eric Tomassi (August 18, 2003 - September 4, 2003)
  • Larry Formatto (September 4, 2003 - August 4, 2004)
  • Sylvester Black (President for 15 minutes on August 4, 2004)
  • Eric Tomassi (August 4, 2004 - August 16, 2004)
  • Mark King (August 16, 2004 - September 1, 2004)
  • Gen. Roy C. Lee (September 1, 2004 - September 2, 2004)

Custodians of Records

After the dissolution of the Republic of Matt, Custodians of Records are appointed to five-year, non-renewable terms by the Eastern Republic of Matt. They are

  • Ivan Wallis (2004-2009)
  • Jamie Coviello (2009-2014)
  • Arie Pulumbo (2014–2019)
  • Kendra Lopez (2019-Present)


The unit of currency in the Republic of Matt is the Matt Dollar ($) which is divided into 100 cents.

On February 17, 1994, a new unit of currency was introduced in response to hyperinflation due to declining military and political fortunes. The Megadollar (M$) was worth one million Matt Dollars and was divided into 100 Megacents, which was worth 10,000 Matt Dollars.

M$1.00=$1,000,000.00; M$0.01=$10,000.00

On February 28, 1994, the National Assembly of the Republic of Matt authorized the issue of currency denominated in U.S. Dollars.

The Exiled Government of the Republic of Matt had issued currency denominated in U.S. Dollars in 1995, 1999 and 2002. Denominations were in one-, five-, ten-, and twenty-five-cents. A total of $25.00 was printed.

The currency of the Republic of Matt currently has no monetary value. However, a small amount of Megadollars that circulated in Jason Jones and Jason Wellington provinces at the time of capitulation has been marked with a validation stamp and remain legal tender in the Eastern Republic of Matt. Their value, however, is negligible.

Civil Aviation

State-run AeroMatt Airlines provided point-to-point air services to major cities in the Republic of Matt with a single Cessna 172 airplane.

On the evening of March 1, 1994, AeroMatt flight AM013 was flying from Mattropolis to Matt Pittman City when it was hijacked and diverted to Jonestown. AeroMatt continued to fly between Jonestown and Wellington for the Eastern Republic of Matt until the airline became insolvent in October 2001.


The Matt Post Office had branches in all major cities in the Republic of Matt. Domestic mail was handled through Zone Codes. All international mail was sent to the Main Post Office in Mattville where it U.S. postage stamps were added and sent to the U.S. Post Office. The Matt Post Office operated until the fall of Mattville in March 1994. In 2002, the Exiled Government attempted to deliver all mail undelivered due to the collapse of the Republic of Matt. All unclaimed mail remains at the Eastern Republic of Matt Postal Service, who continue to attempt delivery of this mail.

Telephone services were provided by the state-run TeleMatt, which operated a party-line in Mattville and Matt Pittman City. A separate party-line also existed between Jonestown and Wellington. However, it was not possible to contact the Mattville/Matt Pittman City network through the Jonestown/Wellington network and vice versa. TeleMatt did not provide long distance or international services.

The Republic of Matt had primitive e-mail services through a Bulletin Board Service (BBS), entitled The Free Zone, which operated until March 1994. It was not possible to connect to the BBS using TeleMatt due to excessive line noise.


All media agencies were under the direction of the Information Ministry. However, after the Emergency Act of March 1, 1994 was passed, the President of the Republic of Matt obtained absolute control of the media.

The Matt News Agency (MNA), based in Mattville, provided news bulletins by fax to information offices throughout the Republic of Matt.

The Matt Daily Journal was the major periodical in the Republic of Matt. It was published in Mattville on a daily basis until circulation ceased on March 2, 1994. A special ten-year anniversary edition of the fall of the Republic of Matt was printed in 2004.

Other periodicals, which published sporadically include: The Mattville Messenger, The Volston Voice, the McAlpin Mercury, The Matt Islander, The Matt Pittman Citizen, the Jonestown Courier, and the Wellington Express.

Radio Republic of Matt broadcasted on 88.1 FM and could be heard in Mattville until it signed off on March 2, 1994.

The Republic of Matt had no television stations.


On November 30, 2003, the Exiled Government of the Republic of Matt hosted a picnic to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its founding. The theme was "Ten Years of Responsible Governance."

On November 30, 2018, some current and former members of the Republic of Matt movement met up for dinner and drinks at a Twin Peaks restaurant to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its founding.

On November 30, 2020, being considerate of the COVID-19 guidelines by the Eastern Republic of Matt’s Ministry of Health, some current and former members of the Republic of Matt movement met up virtually on Zoom to commemorate the 27th anniversary is its founding. The Zoom meeting was hosted and moderated by Custodian of Records Kendra Lopez.

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