Matias and Sopha

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County of the Matias and Sopha islands
MatiasSopha.pngMatiasSopha Arms.png

Our pride
Capital cityMala
Largest cityMatias
Official language(s)English, Dutch and Mahusetan
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameMatias
- CountEmilo I
CurrencyMahusetoni Vetriana-Gulda, Euro
Time zoneCET (GMT+1)
Matias and Sopha islands, officially the County of the Matias and Sopha islands is a county in Mahuset which claims an archipelago known as the Matias and Sopha Islands.


The County of the Matias and Sopha islands are under direct control of the Mahusetan monarch.


Matias and Sopha is known for using the Original Mahusetan Culture and Croatian Culture.

Diplomatic Affairs

Matias and Sopha can only involve in informal diplomatic affairs but currently has none.