Mathenian Imperial Protectorate of Newlands Spring

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Mathenian Imperial Protectorate of Newlands Spring
Flag of Mathenian Imperial Protectorate of Newlands Spring
LocationSituated in the Chelmsford area of Newlands Spring
CapitalNewlands Spring
GovernmentImperial Protectorate
• Governor
None currently
Semi-Autonomous province of Mathenia
8 June 2018
CurrencyMathenian Ruble

The Mathenian Imperial Protectorate of Newlands Spring (IPNS) was formed on 8 June 2018 under orders from the Supreme Leader of Mathenia in a proclamation to his citizens. The IPNS was created to give NS more autonmy and in Mathenia and was the first Imperial Protectorate made. At the time planned Protectorates included Great Leighs and Cumbria. The protectorate was created to help calm the area of possible rebel groups (Mathenia - Katisland War) by giving more autonomy to the area.

Flag Design

The Yellow on the flag symbolises the large amount of Oilseed Rape that is grown in the surrounding areas, the N and the S are taken from the logo of the local school and of course the Mathenian flag in the canton show that it is a Subject of Mathenia.

The proclamation for the creation of the IPNS.
The Proclamation in which the Supreme Leader formed the IPNS

Eade's betrayal

On 12 October 2018 Adam Eade handed in his Mathenian pen (a strong indicator of a loyal government official) and a note of resignation to the supreme leader. He claimed he wished to unify the people of Newlands Spring under one leadership (Cope’s leadership). He also claimed that he was going to remain in control of Newlands Spring, this however would not happen.

The motives for Eade’s betrayal remain unclear, he stated in a press release that he left Mathenia for ‘personal reasons, not to join Isaac’ however when he was asked to elaborate on these ‘personal reasons’ he declined to comment. A few wild theories sprung up about these reasons one of which being the theory that he loves Isaac. But it is however much more likely that Cope gave Eade some financial incentive for his treachory.