Matachewan Civil War

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Matachewan Civil War
DateJune 17th, 2016- December 21st,2016
Status Ended

Pro-Monarchist Forces

  • Kingdom of Matachewan
  • Peasants Militia
  • Free City of Kirkland

Anti-Monarchist Forces

  • Republican Liberation Army
  • United Communist Front of Matachewan
  • Independent Libertarian Confederation
Commanders and leaders
Brandon Mierzwa, Stefan Mierzwa, Liam Carey, Robert Corrigan Rowan Long, Bradey Hall, Beau Edwards

Leading Events

The events leading up to the war were the divisions of the Parliament and the radical power grabs from other parties.

Early Days of the War

Matachewan collapsed and all the parties in parliament made a move to the capital that was under monarchist control to seize power and overrun the monarchists. The first battles saw monarchist defeats and a near collapse of the Republican Army. The war would be fought until December till the peace treaty was signed.

Battle of Montreal River

The battle of the Montreal River was fought between the Republicans and Monarchists. The main engagement of this war was on the bridge that crossed the river. The battle was fought during the night to avoid any of the mining and logging trucks that came through the day. The men only fired off 10 muskets as the rest of the men never had proper arms on either side. After the vollys of musket fire the Republicans moved in on the monarchists. (Note the musket balls were made out of rubber so no major skin penetration could be made) After 4 hours of fighting both sides became very tired and called off the battle till the next morning.