Mark 2 Operations Suit

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The Mark 2 Operations Suit

A standard issue Mark 2.

is the upgraded version of the Mark 1 Camo BDU, as was assigned by the People's Republic of Richland for military use. The Mark 2 is much more combat-effective than the Mark 1, featuring tactical equipment and head protection gear. The Mark 2 is less camouflaged than its original counterpart, and so is issued primarily to assualt infantry.

Each Mark 2 is Equipped with the Following

  1. A standard winter/forest camouflage button up BDU top.
  2. A tactical vest, camouflaged backpack or MG quiver.
  3. One gas mask and filter or breathing mask.
  4. Steel helmet or ABS plastic helmet with camouflage.
  5. Standard issue adjustable belt.
  6. ABS plastic elbow pads.
  7. Black or tan Balaclava.
  8. Shatterproof goggles.
  9. Trigger mittens or tactical gloves.