Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta

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Maritime Republic of The Damarscotta
La Mara Respubliko de La Damarscotta
Supeq Mawuhkacik of The Damariscotta

2021 — Present

Flag of the Damariscotta.svgDamariscotta COA 2.png

Esplorado kaj Kresko
Exploration and Growth
Cantons of Damariscotta.png

Cantons of Damariscotta
Capital cityNova Maria
Largest cityNaples
Official language(s)English,
Passamaquoddy Maliseet
Official religion(s)Church of The Holy Coast
Short nameDamariscotta
GovernmentLibertarian Athenian Democracy
- ĈefministroArchie Birch
- Una MinistroJamie
LegislatureParlamento de Maria
- Type - Tricameral
- Number of seats - Unannounced
Established19 March 2021
Area claimedUnannounced
Population21 (Includes Non-residential Citizens)
CurrencyLygonian Stelo
GDP (nominal)Unannounced
Time zoneDCT
National sportFishing
National dishClam Chowder
National drinkMoxie
National animalTouge
Patron saintSt. Aloysius Gonzaga


Damariscotta, officially the Maritime Republic of Damariscotta, is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external sources. Based in North America, Damariscotta became independent from the United States of America on 19th of March 2021 through the Damariscotta Agreement of 2021 of the Commonwealth of Maine. Most land in Damariscotta is enclaved by the United States excluding the Canton of Machias (which borders the Reino de Atlia, Kingdom of Aspen to the west and south respectively), the Canton of Napoli (which is enclaved by Nova Scotia).

The Maritime Republic is governed as a Libertarian Athenian Republic, with a Ĉefministro as head of state, a Una Ministro for the executive branch, and a Tricameral Parliament. The first and incumbent Ĉefministro of Damariscotta is Archie Birch, notable for being a constitutionally-designated Founder of the Maritime Republic and leader of the provisional government. The incumbent Una Ministro is Jamie with the position of Dua Ministro being vacant..

Damariscotta was officially established as the Kingdom of Farmia in 2015 and then the Misberian Confederacy in 2018. The cultural life of Damariscotta is primarily influenced by the Misberian Culture, New England, Western Europe and The Wabanaki Confederacy. Damariscotta is a semi active player in the diplomacy of the MicroWiki Community, and a member of the Alewife Confederation.


The Indian name for the area was Madamescontee meaning “an abundance of alewives.” Alewives, small, salty fish, spawn in Damariscotta Lake, the name is considered a extreme corruption of the Algonquian word "Madamescontee".The actual name Damariscotta is of uncertain origin, being either an alternate pronunciation of the Indian name, or related to an Englishman Humphrey Damerell, or his name in conjunction with that of a local sagamore John Cotta. The nation takes pride in the history of the region, calling itself a Maritime Republic reflects Maine's shipbuilding past, present and future, furthermore the nation takes pride in being a place for all and has adopted Esperanto and Passamaquoddy-Maliseet to represent all European languages and the local Native American tribes which merged to form the Wabanaki Confederacy.


Proto Era

April 15th 2015 - November 22nd 2018

Damariscotta was originally founded under the name Farmia on 15 April 2015, and was mainly based in the Xbox 360 version of the sandbox video game Minecraft. Farmia underwent several changes between April and February 2016, before it changed its name to Mistak. Mistak remained isolationist and was not involved with the wider intermicronational community, until it met the nation of Timberia at Camp Roosevelt in Maine. Following many political talks, the Treaty of Roosevelt was signed on June 2018, and the nations merged to form the Federation of Mistak-Timberia on the 20 November 2018. Three days later, the name was changed to Misberia.

Memorial for Maria Birch and her unborn child

Misberian Era

November 23rd 2018 - February 23rd 2021

In November 2018, Misberia joined the micronational community on Discord via its attainment of membership in the Global Micronational Alliance. Misberia became a Parliamentary Republic in December 2018 and remained that way until it merged with Kingdom of Aspen to become the Aspen-Misberian Empire. The AME remained for one month and Misberia declared independence in March of 2019.The nation became a republic once again and remained so until June 2019, when Misberia announced a kingdom. In July 2019, the Confederation of Caloudonoum joined the nation and Misberia renamed itself to the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonoum, styling itself as a imperial nation with Archie Birch as Tsar. The nation remained the same but had regions like Commonwealth of Terrexa and Columbusstan join the nation in December of 2019. The nation later faced hardship in March 2020 after Archie Birch resigned and many regions left the nation fearing a collapse. Birch announced a hiatus for ten days and on the 14 March, and later brought Misberia back as a Directive Council ran nation. The Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020 commenced, which resulted in Misberia losing 75% of its population. Following the news, several micronations aided with support, and people started flooding in seeking citizenship. This helped assert Misberia's influence in the MicroWiki community. The #HelpMisberia was created on Twitter and Instagram to gain support and help Misberia with rebuilding. With the support, Birch announced the Grand Duchy of Misberia. In June after minor disputes with much of the community, the nation announced a isolationist policy to rebuild, and focused on cultural development at during summer 2020. On the 31 August, Maria Birch took her own life, which was a shock to much of the nation and community. The nation went through a period of mourning and partial hiatus during the month of August. The nation worked to remember Maria's legacy and in October the nation held a referendum to go imperial once again, the referendum passed with 92% approval,  the nation went further into isolationism for the fall and early winter of 2020 as the nation faced uncertainty over development. The nation faced a minor scandal in December 2020 with Thomas Bainbridge over an attempt to remove him. Following this public approval of Bainbridge steadily declined and on the 21 January 2021, following revelations in other nations such as Nordale and the removal of his HRE recognition, Misberia removed Bainrbridge and severed all ties with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, which was seen by many in the community as Misberia's number one ally. Soon after Misberia announced a parliamentary election, after the election, the nation soon went into uncertainty as inactivity became apparent. On the 23rd of February 2021, Archie Birch announced the dissolvement of Misberia and his own departure from the community. Since then, talks have been ongoing in the Commonwealth of Maine to bring back the old community of Misberia and make it a new nation.

Modern Era

March 6th 2021 - Present

Following the creation of the Maritime Republic, the nation oversaw the creation of many new cities and new claims, the nation saw the provisional council establishing the Constitution of The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta, making the first Ĉefministro of Damariscotta Archie Birch and the Una Ministro Jamie Birch. Following weeks of debate, a tricarmel parliament system was established as well as a slow move to becoming more active in the community and in the New England region. On the 2nd of April an event known as Salmon Friday, which saw the cities of Halifax and Marseille dissolving and part of the Holy City of Napoli leaving the nation citing concerns over loosing identity and lack of face to face interaction. Following Salmon Friday, emergency elections were called for the 8th of April.


For more information please see, Parlamento de Maria and Political Parties in Damariscotta

The government of the Maritime Republic is a Libertarian Athenian Democracy with the Ĉefministro or Prime Minister as the head of state, is responsible for representing the nation internationally, ceremonial affairs and national cultural development. The Ĉefministro holds a term of one year with elections held every second day of June, with a max term length being five years. The head of government and in charge of the Domo de Lygonia is the Una Ministro or First Minister, other duties of the Una Ministro are military development, judicial development and stability and managing the social medias of the nation. The Una Ministro holds a term of three months with elections held every second day of the third month since last election, with a max term length of three years or twelve terms. The things in regards to the Dua Ministro for the Domo de la Homoj are the same as its higher house counterpart the Una Ministro.

Emblem of The Parlamento de Maria

Parlamento de Maria

The Parlamento de Maria is the national legislative body of the nation, the legislative body is composed of three houses, the lowest being the Domo de la Homoj for all citizens not found within Northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes. The middle chamber being the Domo de Lygonia is for all citizens found within Northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes. The highest house being Domo de la Fajro which has the Ĉefministro, the Una and Dua Ministros and makes the final choices on things decided upon by the lower houses. The lower houses are composed of every citizen from the six cities of the nation, there are no set delegates and every canton is encouraged to send a different citizen or all of them to the monthly parlamento meeting. At each meeting the delegates of the cities discuss the topics on the agenda which can range from diplomatic matters, issues between cities, national policy, national programs and more. While all citizens are encouraged to attend meetings, a meeting can not commence without at least one delegate from each Canton. The Parlamento de Maria currently has four committees that are in charge of differing aspects of the nation, all are open to any citizen with many committees having upwards of five or more citizens involved and some holding sub committees as well.

Members of Government

Title Head Term Sub Committees Canton
Members of Government
Ĉefministro Archie Birch 6/3/21 - Present None Machias
Una Ministro Jamie Birch 6/3/21 - Present None Calais
Dua Ministro Vacant Vacant None Nova Maria
Committee of The Lygonian Armeo Joe C 6/3/21 - Present None Naples
Committee of The Interior Becca 19/3/21 - Present
Committee of Community Affairs Henry 19/3/21 - Present Quoddy
Committee of The Exchequer Jessie 19/3/21 - Present None

Government Programs

Coat of Arms of Birch University

The Maritime Republic has set three programs for the entire nation to partake in with some being sponsored by differing cities. The programs set forth by the cities and the government are furthering the development of its national culture, citizen involvement and overall activity. Each canton can set its own programs which are canton only.

Küstensozialismus Project

German-Wabanaki Confederation

The "Costal Socialism" project is to bring forth the exploration of differing types of socialism and cultivate a socialist ideology for the canton based upon its own cultural and regional surroundings. The project also hopes to bring the idea of socialist policies and ideals to the national government through laws and a national coalition called the Socialist Party of The Republic. The project hopes to have accomplished its 2021 goals by the end of 2021.

The Steloj kaj Vento Program

Entire Nation

The "Stars and Wind" program is the continuation of the Misberian Polaris Program, Birch University and the creation of new awards of recognition and honor for the entire nation. The program also focuses on getting the citizens and those involved in the Maritime Republic on to water either to boat, sail, fish or swim. This program has no set end goal and no end date.

Plan Monda Paco

Entire Nation

The Plan Monda Paco or otherwise known as Plan of World Peace for the The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta which aims to reach out to each of the embassies in the United States capitol of Washington DC. To date the project has reach out to over seventy nations with over ten responding at and two being uncontactable at this time.


The nation currently has five political coalitions in the nation with each coalition being made up of canton based parties.

Name Logo Leader Founded Platform Headquarters
Bloc of The Independents of The Atlantic BITA Logo Damariscotta.png Joe C 6/3/2021 None Holy Napoli
Socialist Party of The Republic SPTR Logo Damariscotta.png Henry 6/3/2021 Marxist-Leninist and Generic Socialism South Lubeck
Theocratic Community of The Republic TCTR Logo Damariscotta.png Jamie 6/3/2021 Theocracy, Christianity Holy Napoli
The National Survivalist Councils of The Republic TNSCTR Logo Damariscotta.png Archie Birch 6/3/2021 Survivalist, Technocratic Machias
French-Canadian Movement of The Maritime Republic FCM Logo Damariscotta.png J 6/3/2021 French-Canadian, Quebecois and Acadian Cultural Preservation

Law and Order

The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta's law and order is upheld by the constitution of the republic and the institutions it founded including the justice branch of the Kortumo de Damariscotta and the lower Municipo courts as well as protection of the republic and its people of the Lygonian Armeo.

Kortumo de Damariscotta

The power to hear civil and criminal cases, to resolve them and to carry out judgments, belongs exclusively to the Kortumo de Damaricotta. Neither the Ĉefministro nor the Parlamento de Maria can, in any case, exercise judicial functions, take over pending cases, review the grounds or contents of their decisions or revive closed cases. To enforce their resolutions, and to practice or have practiced the acts of instruction established by law, the ordinary and special courts of justice that make up the Judiciary, may issue direct orders to the public force or exercise the conductive means of action of which they dispose. To ensure every citizen holds the same rights under a court of law all lower courts hold the same structure. Furthermore to ensure no city is above any other locally, the Kortumo de Damariscotta is based in the non local canton of Nova Maria.


The Kortumo de Damriscotta consists of three Supra Justecos. All members of the Kortumo de Damriscotta must have had some study of law and passed a constitutional exam, the term for a judge may occur any time after they turn the age of 16, the judges cease to hold office once they reach 30 years of age; or by resignation.

Current Supra Justeceos

  • Chandler of Naples, 19/3/21 - Present
  • Barry K of Quoddy, 19/3/21 - Present
  • Vacant, Since 2/4/2021
Lygonian Armeo Bike from the First Lygonian Corps

Lygonian Armeo

Please see Lygonian Armeo for more information.

The Lygonian Armeo was founded in November 2018, and consists of three branches, Mararmeo, La Armeaj Pastroj de Maria and the Terarmeoj. The Armeo are used for mapping of the nation, keeping the population outdoors with outdoor activities, and community service, such as helping to look for missing animals, delivering food to sick people in the community and providing snow shoveling services during the winter. The armed forces currently have thirteen personnel mainly located in the cities of Holy Napoli and Machias with others being located in the Canton of South Lubeck. Currently the Ĉefkomandanto is Archie Birch, with commanders including, Jamie and Becca. The Armeo is currently split into eight units, based upon regional and cultural similarities. The Lygonian Aremo also has control over the nation's space program, continuing on the Misberian Polaris Program from the Misberian Confederacy.

Picture of the Holy City of Napoli

Administrative Divisions

For more information please see, Free State of Virginia, Holy City of Napoli and German-Wabanaki Confederation

The Maritime Republic has four regions and six cantons which make up most of its territory and citizenry, the nation is mainly located within Northern New England. The main cantons are The North Napoli and Quoddy. All regions and cantons of the nation all represent differing cultures and ideals from one another, examples of this include The Holy City of Napoli being based on Venetian culture.

Regions of The Damariscotta

Flag Emblem Name Leadership Established Pop. Leglislature
Regions of Damariscotta
Napoli Flag.png Napoli Emblem.png Naples Doge

Hon Becca

6th March 2021 8 Royal Council
German Wabanaki Flag.png German Wabanaki COA.png German-Wabanaki Confederation German-Wabanaki President

Hon Henry

6th March 2021 8 Council of The East
Unannonced Unannonced Unorganized Territory Dua Ministro


23rd April 2021 5 House of The People

Cantons of Damariscotta

Flag Emblem Region Name Leadership Culture
Cantons of Damariscotta
GWC Quoddy Sekretär Barry East German
Machias Ankuwoluhke J Wabanaki
Calais Secrétaire Jamie French
Beechville Secretary Archie American
HCN Machigonne
North Napoli Segretaria Maeve Venito

Climate and Geography

The coasts of The Maritime Republic

The Maritime Republic is mainly located in Maine, Nova Scotia and Virginia, the nation is characterized as being humid continental climate and tundra climates according to the Köppen–Geiger classifications. The Maritime Republic is known for its jagged, rocky coastline; low, rolling mountains; heavily forested interior; picturesque waterways; and its seafood cuisine, especially lobster and clams Its most populous canton is Napoli, and its capital is Nova Maria, the nation also possesses four national parks spread through the nation, with the most being found in Nova Maria and the Machias with two.


The Maritime Republic's climate is characterized by cold, snowy winters and mild summers. Mean annual winter temperatures range from 25°F in the far south to less than 15°F in the northern and interior portions of the nation. Mean annual summer temperatures range from near 60°F in the far north to near 70°F in the south.

Climate data for Maine
Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 26
Average low °F (°C) 4
Source: Weatherbase
Northern Forests of The Maritime Republic


The Maritime Republic is bordered by Canada in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the south, and Maine in the west. The land can be divided into three geographic areas. The Coastal Lowlands start at the Atlantic coastline and stretch inland. This region has sandy beaches, bays, inlets, and a dozen coastal islands, the largest of which is Machias Seal Island. The islands started out as mountains, but the rising sea level during the last Ice Age put them underwater. The Eastern Uplands are northwest of the Coastal Lowlands, a region with fertile soil, lakes, streams, near the Longfellow Mountains.

National Parks

The Maritime Republic currently has four national parks, with them being split into three types, National Park, National Seashore and National Sanctuary. National Parks are designated for regions either encompassing all of the land in the region or for areas of significant importance to the nation. National Seashores are designated for regions which are located on the coast and that are accessible, many of these seashores include amazing views of the Bay of Fundy and Canada. National Sanctuaries are designated for regions encompassing all of the land in the region, this designation is special as it lays claim to the region however a special importance to preservation of the land and its flora and fauna is valued over any actual governance of the land. Currently the most notable of these three designations are, Chlute River National Park right next to the Maria Birch Memorial Meeting Hall in the Holy City of Napoli and the Fairy Head National Seashore and Machias Seal Island National Sanctuary in the Canton of Napoli.

Picture Emblem Name Location Established Notes
National Parks of The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta
Jacobs Beach Picture.jpg Fairy Head National Seashore Canton of Machias 7th March 2021 Only accessible via a rope dangling over a cliff, making it the least accessible park in the Republic.
Machias Seal Island National Sanctuary Canton of Machias 7th March 2021 The national park encompasses all the Republic's claim on the island.
0191002 163352 974.jpg Chlute River National Park Canton of North Napoli 7th March 2021 On the shore of both Long Lake and Brandy Pond.
Bay of Fundy National Seashore Canton of Quoddy 7th March 2021 The national park encompasses all the Republic's claim in the region.


The economy of the Maritime Republic is small with limited use, and is based upon a barter and trade system where goods and services are decided on by the individuals in the deal. The Damariscottan government makes money through a series of monthly donations from Clynk and redemption center programs. The main currency of the Maritime Republic is the Lygonian Stelo. The Maritime Republic has exchanged goods and services with other nations, the most notable being with the Republic of Elysium which was the first of these agreements.


The Maritime Republic currently has 28 citizens with all being students attending school in some form or another with a majority in middle or high school in the United States. A majority of the nation is Roman Catholic or another denomination of Christianity with small pockets of Syncretism being adhered to as well. The entire nation is between the ages of 13 and 21 with a majority being 15 to 17, this has lead to a mainly large portion of city and national policies being younger generational focused. The majority of the nation is male with some female citizenry, this however has not lead to a male dominated nation, with many of the female population holding top positions in government. The population has a decent amount of LGBTQ members with many being well known citizens such as the Ĉefministro being openly bi and the Una Ministro being openly gay. A national census is being planned by the Committee of The Interior and will gather further information and define exact numbers in the coming months.


Clam Chowder, a common meal in the Maritime Republic

Damariscottan culture is very unique from other micronational cultures, from the activities done such as the jocular AB Birch Award, award for stupidity. Most symbolism and ideals represent a large portion of the North American Continent and Western Europe influences. The first cultural report came out on 31 December 2020 from the the then Ministry of Culture detailing the Misberian culture. The Darmaiscottan nation contains many Internet-based memes, like "bruh" and "based", and the nation itself focuses much on the preservation of many European, Native American and obscure faiths and cultures as well as other micronational projects like the Confederation of Caloudonoum and Second Zuhan Empire. The nation also takes pride in its education, with Birch University being ran by Archie Birch with support from the citizens of the nation, making it one of the few micronational universities with its leader being a Education major in the community.

Cultural Programs

The Maritime Republic has set two programs for the entire nation to partake in with some being sponsored by differing cantons. The programs set forth by the cantons and the government are furthering the development of its national culture, citizen involvement and overall activity. Each canton can set its own programs which are canton only.

Pace e Unità Project

Holy City of Napoli

The "Peace and Unity" project is the creation of a syncretistic religion to the nation through the understanding and exploration of the differing faiths of the nation. The project is taking a special look into the faiths of the nation which include, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Totemic, the project hopes to start building the national faith around these common and shared faiths. The project also is focused on training the Lygonian Armeo Chaplains. The project hopes to have accomplished its goals by the end of 2022.

Notable Sites

The Maritime Republic has four notable sites currently with three being visitable and one being virtual, with two being memorials to Maria Birch and Nicholas Randouler. A national seashore and library are also included in the list of notable sites which hold national and cultural importance to not only the nation but other now defunct nations like Misberian Confederacy, Confederation of Caloudonoum and the Zuhan Empire.

Picture Name Purpose Officials Established
Notable Sites
RWS 2.jpg Randouler Weather Station

Holy City of Napoli

Weather Station Weather Advisor

The Honorable ABirch

5 June 2020
0191002 163352 974.jpg Maria Birch Meeting Hall

Holy City of Napoli

Meeting Hall Overseers

Maria Birch Legacy Foundation

2 August 2020
Jacobs Beach Picture.jpg Fairy Head National Seashore

Survuvalist Commune of Machias

Beach Environmental Advisor

The Honorable Jacob

7 October 2020
Imperial Marcel Library

Nova Maria

Virtual Library Overseer

The Right Honorable Archie Birch

26 January 2021

Foreign Affairs

For more information please see, Foreign Relations of The Damariscotta

The Maritime Republic currently holds official recognition a few micronations and holds membership in the Alewife Confederation. The nation does hold informal relations with the nations which the Misberian Confederacy held special relations with and others which have requested such.

Diplomatic Policy

The fundamental objective of Maritime Republic of The Damriscotta’s foreign policy is to enhance the dignity of the nation by safeguarding sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, and promoting economic wellbeing and prosperity of the Maritime Republic. It is also aimed at contributing to global peace, harmony and security.

Basic Principles

Maritime Republic of The Damriscotta’s foreign policy is guided by the following basic principles:

  1. Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty;
  2. Non-interference in each other’s internal affairs;
  3. Respect for mutual equality;
  4. Non-aggression and the peaceful settlement of disputes;
  5. Cooperation for mutual benefit;
  6. Abiding faith in the Charter of the United Nations and the Montevideo Convention of 1933;
  7. Value of world peace.

Core Interests

Safeguarding of the freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity, nationality, independence and dignity of Maritime Republic of The Damriscotta, the rights of the Damriscottan people, border security, economic wellbeing and prosperity shall be the basic elements of the national interest of Maritime Republic of The Damriscotta. The State shall direct its international relations towards enhancing the dignity of the nation in the world community by maintaining international relations on the basis of sovereign equality, while safeguarding the freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence and national interest of the Maritime Republic and to review treaties concluded in the past, and make treaties, agreements based on equality and mutual interest