Maria Birch Memorial Meeting Hall

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Maria Birch Memorial Meeting Hall
Maria Birch Hall
Maria Birch Memorial Park
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Common Image of the Meeting Hall
Former namesSongo Meeting Hall
LocationCanton and Republic of Acadia
OwnerPrincipality of Misberia
TypeMeeting Hall
Genre(s)Swearing-in Ceremonies,
Local Meetings,
Treaty Signings
Seating typeStanding

The Maria Birch Memorial Meeting Hall is the central meeting hall in the town of Naples, the official residence of the Sakom and Witapal. It was earlier known as the Songo Meeting Hall, named after the Songo River in the Naples area.

On 14 August 2020, the Government of Misberia decided to rename the Hall to the Maria Birch Memorial Meeting Hall in the honour and recognition of the services of Maria Birch and in memory of her life and her unborn child's life.


The hall has exclusively been to host swearing ceremonies of the Sakom, Witapal, Founder's Council and legislatures of Misberia. The meeting hall has been used for memorial ceremonies and general meeting hall for Misberian citizens. The meeting hall is located on a public causeway in Naples, Maine, which oversees Long Lake and the historic Songo River Queen II. The meeting hall is known for also being the place where the iconic Misberian square flag was first thought of. During the signing of the fifth constitution of Misberia, the twelve citizens who were present are now represented on the flag with the alternating bars of green and yellow.


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