Maria Birch

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Dame Maria Birch
A representation of what Maria Birch looked like.
Personal information
Born June 28th, 2004
Maine, United States of America
Died 31 July 2020(2020-07-31) (aged 16)
Birth name Maria L
Citizenship Misberia, Antonian Empire
Nationality Misberian
Political party Republican Party
Residence Wihke of Aci
Religion Roman Catholic

Maria Birch (28th June 2004 - 31st July 2020) was a micronationalist prominent in Misberia. She had been the leader and founder of the Intermediary Coalition in Misberia.

Personal Life

Maria was born in 2004 in Portland, Maine, she has lived in Naples all of her life and was attending high school. She announced in 2020, that she had become engaged to her boyfriend after announcing she was pregnant.

Micronational Career

Maria joined Misberia back in August of 2019, since then she had taken on the position of Minister of Culture and Grand Advisor to Archie Birch. She is credited with creating the Songo Calendar, working with Reino de Atlia on the creation of a culture exchange program. She is also credited with starting the Vision 2021 program which looks to expand Misberian culture locally and globally as well as bridge the divide between global and local citizens. She had served as Second Witapal of Misberia in mid to late June 2020 and was in charge of the nation during that time while Archie was recovering.


  • Grand Duchy of Misberia, Full Citizen, March 14th, 2020
  • Antonian Empire, Full Citizen, July 5th, 2019

Death and Legacy

Maria Birch Memorial Service on August 1st 2020 in remembrance for Maria and her unborn child

On this day, the 40th of Niben, it is with deep sadness and regret that I inform you all of Duchess Maria Birch’s passing, at 21:28 we lost an angel and a driving force within and outside Misberian society. Her final message to myself and Vice Witapal Thomas Bainbridge was one of respect and kindness as well as one of hope for the future of the nation, we could not have known only fifteen minutes she would leave this realm. In respect and honor of Maria’s life, we will be flying all flags in Misberia at half mast for sixteen days as well as holding a memorial service on the 17th of August in her honor. In respect for her memory this date the 31st of July shall be a day of mourning for our dear Maria. We ask you all to keep Maria’s family in your prayers as we all go through this hard time with her family. Elections on the 5th have been called off until further notice and a candle lit service will be held tomorrow night in Songo, many regions across the Maine Governate will be holding their own services tomorrow as well. The group of people which Maria lead and taught in her time her will be releasing a statement on the life and legacy of Maria Birch. Please respect our silence and prayers as we remember this young soul who has touched so many and one I could call one of my own in a way.

Intermicronational Flag Lowerings:


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Maria was an amazing person, I was proud to have known and to have been her friend. She was an amazing and kind-hearted person. To lose her is a mark on our lives I don't think can be filled by anyone or anything, she was a rare kind of person, a person who just wants to help people and to make others happy.

I have recently been informed on the passing of this young lady. I wish to extend my most heartfelt condolences to the family of Duchess Maria. My prayers, as are the prayers of all people in the Kingdom of Roanoke, are with the family and friends as they continue to remember the life of Duchess Maria. May God’s presence and healing hands continue to comfort you.

King Arthur I of Roanoke

Grand Duchy of Misberia:

Misberians from around the nation and the world have come together to remember Maria, notable mentions include,

  • Notable meeting space in Songo, shall be renamed the Maria Meeting Center
  • Announcement of the first trip to Machias Seal Island shall be named the Maria Expeditionary Trip
  • Andy, one of the founders of Proto Misberia retired a Misberian and American flags in her honor
  • Half of the years' funds generated by the Smith Farm in Presque will be donated to a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Organization.
  • Towns of Highland and Westboro have merged and named themselves the Town of The Star of Maria
  • Queendom of Sinsini held a mass in the native religion of Thanian
  • National Chaplin Services have been renamed the Marian Chaplin Services
  • Maria's works of a State Religion and Theory will be completed and adopted by the national government
  • Two honors created by the national government in her honor, The Most Illustrious Order of The Star of Maria for dedication and work on Misberian Culture and The Maria Birch Order of Merit. for work in sciences, art and culture.
  • Lady Misberia is to be redrawn in her image.

Old Founder's of Misberia shall establish a non national organization called the Grand Maria Foundation to preserve Maria's legacy and ideals.


  1. Princess Regent of Misberia
  2. Queen of the Queendom of Songo
  3. High Countess of the Order of Songo
  4. Knight of the Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias

Full Title:

Princess Regent of Misberia, Queen of the Queendom of Songo, High Countess of the Order of Songo and Knight of the Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias

Honors & Awards

  1. Lady of The Most Distinguished Order of the Golden Tortoise, July 2nd 2020

Micronational Awards

  1. First Class Honor of the Order of Tolba, May 29th 2020
  2. High Countess of the Order of Songo, June 21st 2020
  3. Service Ribbon for Operation Sally Mae, June 25th 2020
  4. Lady of The Most Distinguished Order of the Golden Tortoise, July 2nd 2020
  5. Knight of the Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias, July 12th 2020
  6. Officer of the Order of Christina I, March 2 2021

Honors and Awards Visualized

Tolba 1st Class.png TORTUGA DORADA BANDA.png Ribbon of the Order of Christina I.svg