March Revolution

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March Revolution
Date20 March 2014
Result Decisive victory of the rebels, loss of many state colonies, Start of new political reforms.

Supreme Revolutionary Council
Greerevolt2.jpg Greater Revolutionary Green Army Traberia.png Revolutionary Committee of Workers Liberals.png Union of Peoples

  • Right-wing Groups
  • Elements of Military of Kingdom of San Valerio
  • Anarchist Groups
  • Liberal Groups

Royalist Faction
Ossidianopolis.png Kingdom of San Valerio

Chamoun.jpg NationalLiberal Brotherhood of San Valerio
Commanders and leaders
Various Lorenzo Ochetti (WIA)
47 11

The March revolution broke out on March 20, 2014 in the MYCUS Republic after the so-called Ochetti reform that took place 1 week ago, which imposed a total privatization of everything, notarisingly raising the tax without any reason. At the time, Lorenzo Ochetti also "imprisoned" all those people who did not like him.


Lorenzo Occhetti from the ascent to power in 2013 started doing various crazy things because of his various mental disorders. Son of a very rich family he always got everyone with the money and without any effort, he changed several """wives""" and several cars. In 2014, he began spending almost all the money on the state in calculators that he himself broke with inconsistent methods. In March of the same year he bought 500 kilos of plastic for no reason. towards the end of February he had only more powers to the nobles and had mistreated several citizens for pure enjoyment and this caused several protests that were immediately eradicated. at the beginning of March there were several rebel meetings that coalesced against the government together with the soldiers who were against Ochetti.


The first ones started at 11:00 am (Greenwich time) when several people gathered in the square against the absolutism of Ochetti. Lorenzo tried to stop the protests but after he saw that many soldiers were missing, he decided to shut himself up in his palace. But he was immediately besieged given the near miss of the faithful soldiers, 10 minutes after the revolutionaries entered and after an attempted defense made by Ochetti (who defended himself by throwing stones wounding himself in doing so) was immediately captured and then sent into exile along with 2 other noblemen connected to the Ochetti family.