March 2021 American General Election

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March 2021 American General Election

← 2020 5-8 March 2021 2021 →

All 450 seats in the House of Deputies
240 needed for a majority
Turnout10.57%( 1.40)
  Coat of arms of the Second American Empire2.png Coat of arms of the Second American Empire2.png Coat of arms of the Second American Empire2.png
Candidate Duke of Lee R.J Bratt Raja Balaji
Party Movement for Democracy Socialist Party of America (Second American Empire) American Alliance Party
Leader since 9 December 2020 2 January 2021 5 January 2021
Leader's seat Francisville Nelson Silver Spring
Last election 14 seats, 90.2% N/A 3 seats, 18.9%
Current seats 6 0 3

Incumbent Chancellor

Duke of Lee
Movement for Democracy

The March 2021 American General Election will be the second general election to the House of Deputies of the Second American Empire. His Imperial Majesty Francis I called the election on 5 March 2021, setting the polling dates for and 5 March 2021.


The Movement for Democracy won the most seats at the 2020 general election, leaving it one seat short of a majority, and formed a coalition government with the single-member Socialist Party of America, making the Duke of Lee the Empire's First Chancellor. Alliance leader Raja Balaji became Deputy Prime Minister. R.J Bratt, became Leader of the Opposition.

Ryan IV's term as Chancellor saw increased cross-party compromise on issues such as climate change, the Black Lives Matter movement, and trans rights, but there were clashes between the government and the opposition over law enforcement and the constitutional status of the Emperor.


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