Starland general election, March 2011

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The March 2011 Starland General Election was the third such election since Starland was founded, and took place on and before March 30, 2011 to elect three members to the take seats of the People's Council and seven members to take the position of the Senate when the National Assembley and Provisional Government expired as well as elect the Prime Minister and President.

Her Excellency Prime Minister Destiny Elmo had said that she would not be seeking a second term in office at this time but says she may run in a future election. Her Honor President Jessica Godinez announced that she would run for Prime Minister and managed to gain support to win the primary election in February and become the Social Liberal Party candidate. She managed to gain the support of many to clinch her hold on the office. Former Queen and Secretary of State Victoria Benjamin ran for President but, due to a scandal, her popularity fizzled. Communist Party candidate, Matthew Lanza, would seal his hold on the Presidency.

The citizens of Starland also voted on representatives in the People's Council and Senate. Members of the People's Council are elected without the bother of partisanship. The Senate, however, is still based on partisanship but members are elected by their respected provinces. Three Social Liberals, one Communist, one Nationalist, and two Libertarians were elected. The Conservative Party failed to gain a seat.

Social Liberal Party Conservative Party Communist Party of Starland Nationalist Party of Starland Libertarian Party of Starland


Prime Minister

Jessica Godinez (SLP): 42%

Nickolas Lanza (CPS): 34%

Nik Hart (LPS): 12%

Brett Bottomley (C): 7%

Chris Bernard (NPS): 5%


Matthew Lanza (CPS): 42%

Katie Bottomley (LPS): 29%

Victoria Benjamin (SLP): 12%

Brett Bottomley (C): 12%

Jess Sumner (NPS): 5%

People's Council Winners

Ramon Godinez

Charles Snow

Allie Hunter

Senate Winners

Jess Sumner (NPS) - Star Province

Rhonda Hart (LPS) - Hart Province

Maria Godinez (SLP) - Berryessa Province

Katie Bottomley (LPS) - Nut Tree Province

Morgan Sumner (SLP) - Sumner Province

Miranda Torres (SLP) - Harbor Province

Stephanie Lanza (CPS) - Wooden Valley Province