Manifiesto of Non-Aligned micronations

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There isn't a way for peace. Peace is the way.

— Ghandi

We have seen how good of wisdom has given way to the misery of war under repeated attacks from the inheritance of the micronational world. We have seen the flaws in the real world, as the Cold War, the ideological and political conflict has led the micronational World. Two ideologies are trying to share the world, two opposing schools of thought: communism and capitalism. War has broken out between New Europe and Erusia. A war that is intended, as the Korean War, the war in Vietnam and many others, continue with this historic battle between communists and capitalists.

But there are micronations that don't want go to war, micronations that feel that respect and peace are to be two fundamental characteristics of international relations, and therefore we are not aligned with the capitalist bloc or the communist bloc. Therefore, it's founded the Movement of Non-aligned micronations, represented by the Organization of Non-Aligned. Shall consist of not wishing micronations that not wishing or enter into a war for the difference between capitalism and communism. Our movement will have the following characteristics:

  • 1st: Be neutral in armed conflicts due to differences between communism and capitalism, including the war between New Europe and Erusia.
  • 2nd: Respect as basis for understanding communism and capitalism as two schools to be freely implemented without the need for war.
  • 3rd: The Peace and diplomacy as the only ways to resolve conflicts.

Therefore, is founded the Organization of the Non-Aligned micronations, which may be incorporated micronations all that they wish and meet the requirements set out in this manifesto.

Carneil, 9 of June 2009