Mandatory Sabiland

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Mandatory Sabiland
Sabiland Mandatorio

Flag of Sabiland (Naveria).svg

Peachtree City, Georgia, United States
Official language(s)English, Spanish, Navārdian
Official religion(s)Baptist majority
Short nameSabiland
GovernmentMandatory municipality
- Governing CommissionerPauline von Navārdia
EstablishedMay 2nd, 2020
Area claimed1 acre
Time zoneUTC-4

Mandatory Sabiland is a temporary territorial administration, known in short as a mandate, in the Grand Navārdian Commonwealth. It which consists of a house and shed bordered by Peachtree City of the United States. Sabiland is the third most populous administrative region in Navārdia, behind Orbly and New Santiago.


The name Sabiland is derived from the Spanish word sabia, meaning wise. Sabia was the intended name of the town initially, but the suffix -land was added to avoid confusion with the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona. The use of the adjective mandatory to describe Sabiland's current government stems from the its official status as a mandate, inspired by those used in the macronational League of Nations.


During the governmental transition between the Grand Duchy of Navārdia and the Navārdian Free Land, national leader Casper von Navārdia made a visit to Florida, where he discovered that several of his family members planned to move to the Georgia area to be closer to family members who lived further north. This came to fruition in the first half of 2020, when a first group of people began searching for houses.

By the time the first house was found and purchased, Navārdia had become independent from Phokland and, due to circumstances, was in need of a territorial expansion. As the house's residents-to-be had recently become citizens of the nation, an annexation of the house was proposed. The agreement ended with the formation of a provisional government called a mandate on 2 May 2020. The area was given the title of Mandatory Sabiland.

Twin Divisions

Sabiland is or has been twinned with:


  1. Duraznos became inactive in late May and was dissolved in early June. The exact dates when these events happened is unknown.