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The Meritocratic State of Maldico Meritokrati Stata de Maldicos (Maldicoan)
Flag of Maldico.png

Nil volentibus arduum
Capital cityKrypriat
Official language(s)English & Maldicoan
Short nameMaldico
GovernmentBicameral legislature
- MonarchHenry
- Prime MinisterJack Soley
LegislatureNational Council & House of Elders
Established16 October 2016
Area claimed48 m2
CurrencyMaldicoan Relua
Time zoneGMT & BST
National animalDog

"Maldico" is the name of a colony based within the United Kingdom which is currently split between 4 micronations; Lundenwic, Loquntia, Zenrax, & the Mohawk Empire. The current monarch of Maldico since independence in 2016 is King Henry, the head of the government and Prime Minister of Maldico is Jack Soley, who is also the grandson of the monarch and currently second-in-line to the Maldicoan throne, Maldico has a bicameral legislature consisting of the lower house, the National Assembly and the upper house, the House of Elders. Maldico's capital is Krypriat located in the geographical centre of the nation and also home to 40% of its population.

The majority of Maldico's economy is centred around financial services, and agriculture; the country is a founding member of AMETA, the country is regarded as a tax haven with the highest tax in the country being on personal income, levied at 10%. The parliament of Maldico consists of two houses, the National Council is the lower house where members of parliament reside which represent the people and the upper house is the House of Elders where elected officials with life tenure represent the states; both houses ultimately answer to the Monarch.