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Majaoui is a micronation in Minnesota, USA. It's leader is Emperor John Ryan. Cartoons are big in Majaoui, its anime company is Majiax, and it' cartoon company is Hakamaki shows 4 u. Majaoui, itself has created an anime for it's viewers: "Outtake! Mae Shibo!!"


Stories claim the Majaoui used to be in the Orient, and fought many wars with Japan, and China. It is said that in WW2, Majaoui joined the Axis and had various soldiers in China. Majaoui left the Axis in 1942, when They feared the US would destroy them.

Majaoui claims to have invented the "Samurai." And that Japan cought on. This is why they had so many wars. As stated in the Minata book. Wich holds the history of Majaoui. The difference is, Majaoui Samurai wear masks, while the Japanese don't.

Japanese Wars

Ove rthe years many wars with Japan would come. Japan would win most of the wars, this is what brought a huge country that is Majaoui, down to what it is know. Basically, Japan took all of the old Majaouian land then sold it to the USA.


The Country is now made up of Emperor Ryan's house and back and front yards.

Government and politics

Emperor John Ryan rules the country, but there is a prime minister as well. Minister John R. Ryan.

Armed forces

The Military of Majaoui is made up of 3 soldiers. The Emperor himself, is the General of the Military.


Ancient Majaouian stories tell of Samurai who fought with Japanese Samurai for peace.


Majaouian language is not too popular in Majaoui. The main language is English.


The Motto of Majaoui is "Salute the Emperor,and live peacefully." this means that the Emperor gave you this great life. Thank him, and live it.